Ever thought about hitting on your waitress?

Ever thought about hitting on your waitressThe answer is yes. As a matter of fact I am sure all of us guys have thought about it at one time or another. Having a beautiful, friendly and at times flirtatious girl serve me beer and food!!… what could be better than that!

However, you must be careful in your thoughts about hitting on your waitress!

Why? Well here are some pertinent things you may need to be aware of before you take that chance of asking her for her phone number.

Waitresses are paid to be friendly, almost flirtatious, in an effort to get you to feel comfortable and thus purchase more food off the menu.

Seriously, they are not friendly because they want to be. They are trained to be friendly and persuasive in an attempt for you to spend money.

The more money you spend the larger the tip they will receive!

While I have had one occurrence of a waitress hitting on me I can honestly say that hitting on a waitress never happened on my end.

The reason I never tried asking for a waitress’ phone number is that I recognize that her friendly overtures are usually not sincere and the chances of a waitress to respond with a phone number would be pretty slim.

Most women who work as waitresses are very busy and tired as they may have been on their feet for the past three hours.

On top of working on their feet all day they may be a full-time college student, or may be married.

Ever thought about hitting on your waitress?

Having a guy that they do not know pester them for a phone number because they are being friendly (as part of their job) is not high on their “to do list”!

However, if you would like some advice as to how to pick up a waitress follow this advice from askmen.com:

“Find out things about them. So, by the end of the night, if you speak to them enough, they keep coming over and they linger because they like you. The more they linger, the more they come to the table and talk with you. What you need to do at that moment is ask her out. Say, “Hey, look, I know the wild salmon is 86ed here, but I know this great place down the road where the salmon flows free. Why don’t we go check it out one night?”

Unless you get clear signals that she is really into you then I would advise against tempting fate and save your pick-up routine for the women at the nightclubs. Just my opinion on the matter.

Here’s a video on hitting on waitresses. Enjoy the video!


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