Five Reasons Not to Date Your Ex-Girlfriend

Five Reasons Not to Date Your Ex-GirlfriendYou’re confused. You and your ex-girlfriend have been getting along and have discussed starting over. Before you do, consider why you’ll probably regret it the end, seriously!

Here are five reasons no to date your ex-girlfriend.  Before you decide to get back with your ex make sure one of these following “reasons” is not part of dynamic you may be facing with her again!

ONEShe’s Your EX

You broke up with her for a good reason. Whether you felt the sex was bad or she had a difficult personality, the relationship ended. The issues you had with her, or she had with you, will come back to haunt you both. Why pick up with someone who you failed to see originally as long-term relationship material?

TWOShe’s Not a Project

Perhaps you think that “this time” it will work because you can change her to fit your needs. You’re not Henry Higgins and she’s not Eliza Doolittle, and life isn’t a Broadway play. Although every relationship contains compromises, you do a disservice to yourself and your ex by trying to force her to change. Your attempts will likely result in frustration, bitterness and regret.

THREEYou’re Not a Project

Along the same line, an old girlfriend annoyed by some of your habits might think, even subconsciously, that you’re willingness to get back together is an indicator that you will change for her. Again, this type of attitude can only end badly for you both.

FOURTrust Issues Exist

If one of you cheated, did drugs or behaved abusively, the other’s bad memories of that past relationship will shadow every new moment. One of you will always fear the possibility of mental or physical anguish. Those fears can erode the relationship with nagging, arguments and accusations that will perhaps even cause the bad behavior to return. Why risk harming her or yourself?

FIVEHer Family Hates You

As long as she has a good relationship with her family and they hate you, there will always be someone whispering in her ear that you’re not the right man for her.

Over time, she’ll probably believe them and end the relationship.

Of course, there are instances when you can have a successful new relationship with an ex-girlfriend.

For example, restarting the relationship might work if the old one ended because a long-distance relationship caused by a family move, college or work didn’t seem like an option at the time; or you were both young and wanted to experiment with dating new people.

When there are no negative emotions attached to the past, you might just have a chance at fresh happiness.

Otherwise, let go and embrace a future with someone new. At the end of the day, you’ll be thankful for it.

article:  Five Reasons Not to Date Your Ex-Girlfriend

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