Five Reasons to Date a Fat Chick

Five reasons to Date a Fat ChickOver the years and the many women I have dated there have been a few, and I do mean FEW, overweight women I have dated. There are some positives to dating a heavy woman, though. In this article I will discuss five reasons to date a fat chick!

As a matter of fact I can count on one hand all the women I dated who were on the heavy side.

I am not talking “obese”, but women who may be twenty to thirty pounds overweight.

Here’s my list:

ONE:  They Know all the Cheap, but Good Restaurants

That’s right! All fat women love to eat; thus they know all the hole-in-the-wall eateries that pump out some very good food!

One of these women I dated showed me this great little food kiosk that specialized in “Crepes”.

Let me tell you these delicious, fruit and cream filled crepes would make anyone fat because they were truly outstanding!

TWO:  They Are More Eager to Please

Most fat women have very few options when it comes to men.

If you are an attractive guy who has his shit tighter and you are successful, a fat woman would feel very fortunate to be with you!

This has been my experience so I am betting other men have experienced this as well if they have ever spent time with a slightly large woman.

I found these fat women love to cook, strive to make you the priority in their lives and are usually very sexual.

They will do what ever it takes to keep you happy!

THREE:  No Worries about Other Men Pursuing Them

I am not attracted to large women at all. However the three large women I dated for a short period of time, each had a very pretty face and beautiful skin – which are two things I find attractive in women.

What’s very nice about being involved with a heavy woman is you have no worries about other men trying to pick them up at the grocery store or nightclub.

When dating a truly beautiful and sexy woman this is always a problem… but, with a fat woman, no worries here!!

FOUR:  They will Wait for You at Home

That’s right, fat women are usually homebodies. Most large women are very conscious of their weight and size therefore do not like to go out and socialize all that much.

This works well for the man as he can go out with his buddies and not fear running into her as she will be at home waiting for him.

FIVE:  Your Emotional Attachment Will be Less

With these three larger women that I dated years ago my attraction for them was not all that significant, therefore my emotional attachment was very limited.

This gave me a relationship that was fun but did not have any extreme emotional ups and downs normally associated with relationships.

Being less emotionally attached to the woman meant I could do what I wanted and if a breakup was ever threatened by the woman… well, I just didn’t care!

So, if you are looking to have any kind of a relationship with a fat woman the above five items could be reasons why to do so!

Here is a video titled: Should you date a fat chick?  Enjoy the video!


Five Reasons to Date a Fat Chick!

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