From Dud to STUD!

From Dud to STUDThis is a true story about an old friend of mine who went from dud to STUD! Stan (not his real name) was an alcoholic and “fat”. His personality had glimmers of politeness that were mostly overshadowed by depression, anger and fear.

At 37 he was divorced, had no girlfriend and was struggling with his alcohol addiction.

Stan worked for me for a couple of years until one day he fell off the wagon and didn’t come to work for almost two weeks.

This had been the third time in the past year this had occurred, thus it was time to terminate his employment as this behavior was becoming too difficult to work with.

After the firing of Stan all of us who worked with him often wondered how he was doing in regards to his alcoholism and increasing health problems related to his weight.

After six months or so Stan became a memory only for all of us as we heard he moved back to the mainland and was not staying in touch with any of us.

Two years had passed since we all saw Stan last when on this particular day when we were in the midsts of doing inventory for the store in walks this gorgeous red head.

I remember it well because I am NOT a fan of fair skinned, red headed women!… but this red head was rather unique and had an exotic flare about her. Not to forget to mention she had a killer body and truly beautiful face!

Shortly after she enters the store in walks her boyfriend, your typical bodybuilder with a dark tan and the coolest sunglasses I have ever seen.

He kind of looked more like a well muscled fitness model than a juiced up bodybuilder so obviously he worked hard at keeping his physique in top shape.

From Dud to STUDThe couple goes from display stand to display stand to look at the merchandise when one on my new sales associates approaches them.

I, seeing that the couple was being taken care of walked past them to exit the store to grab lunch. As I walk past the couple I hear: “I guess you don’t recognize me anymore, do you Chris?”

I froze in my tracks! I recognized that voice! But it made no sense at all, how could this voice…

I turn to face the couple and looked at the boyfriend not comprehending the voice. As I turn to look back at the couple I am sure I have the look of confusion on my face.

Upon seeing my questioning look the boyfriend removes his sunglasses, offers to shake my hand and says: “It’s only been a couple of years; you don’t recognize me?”

At first NO! But the voice… then nose… and lastly the laugh as he jokingly said: “You mean to tell me we work together for three years and you don’t remember me?”

Stan!! It was Stan! How could that be? Stan was an overweight, almost obese alcoholic!

Thus guy standing in front of me was clearly a very tan, fit and very healthy guy! And Stan could NEVER have such a sexy lady wrapped around his arm – never!

But, here he was. The new and improved Stan!

The three of us went out to lunch so we could catch up on how the last two years had been for Stan. To be honest I wanted to know in detail how he transitioned from the overweight and unhealthy guy I once new to this incredibly fit guy!

And what is interesting is that his low-self-esteem was gone! And I mean GONE!

This guy Stan was a very confident, self assured guy who had this beautiful red head by his side. He certainly changed – radically!

To keep this post on short side so as to not bore you with the minute details here is the abbreviated story of how this guy Stan morphed from dud to STUD!

Upon leaving Hawaii he realized he needed to tackle his alcohol addiction problem first and foremost as this was the center point for all of his problems.

He joined “AA” and as it turns out one of his mentors in the program happened to be a bodybuilder and life coach.

Stan and his new mentor spent a lot of time working on the alcohol problem, getting Stan to lose weight which resulted in Stan’s fitness obsession and dealing with Stan’s feelings of low self worth.

According to Stan, once he had the alcohol urges under control and started to work with his mentor on the losing of body weight a new perspective on life stared to quickly emerge.

As the months went by and he stayed away from the booze he was able to fully immerse himself into weight training and fitness.

As he watched the weight go down and the muscle start to be built a new level of confidence emerged he never had before.

From Dud to STUDWhen he had not had a drink in over nine months and he started to see his abs for the first time ever he new he was on the right course.

With his “AA” mentor’s encouragement he entered an amateur bodybuilding competition as a challenge to himself, and trained extremely hard for two months to get into completion shape!

He was now a new man, where once he was a 385 lb. fat man to become a 185 lb. chiseled stud.

Standing 5’11” tall Stan certainly transformed not only his physique, had his battle with the bottle under control but also had his health back – no more concerns about diabetes or high blood pressure.

But, it doesn’t end here, far from it!

Stan’s confidence levels were now going through the roof. He placed sixth in his weight and age category at the bodybuilding completion and realized he had two more goals to achieve in his life!

Start a business and get laid! Simple enough right?

With a loan from his family Stan was able to open an optical shop back in his home town, and quickly became a successful small business owner.

He stated that being your own man, not working for someone else really elevated his already healthy self esteem.

From Dud to STUDWhen he took a trip to Miami Florida is when he realized he was a completely different person from that of the man he was eighteen months earlier when he left Hawaii for the mainland.

It was when he was on the beach in Miami, catching rays and enjoying his vacation when a very attractive red head approached him to start a conversation.

Yes, a beautiful woman approached Stan… on the beach!!

Very few men ever have a woman approach them at all. Here Stan has a woman approach him… on the beach!! Very impressive!

Long story short, this gorgeous red head followed him back to the west coast where they both are now contemplating marriage!

This has been the true story of how my friend Stan went from dud to Stud! If he can do it so can YOU!

Lessons learned:

Obstacles in life are just that… obstacles. You work through them or around them. Stan was a very fat man with low self esteem who also happened to be an alcoholic.

From Dud to STUDSelf confidence only grows when you move forward in your life! Stan unwittingly moved forward in his life by losing weight, getting very fit, regaining his self esteem and building a business for himself!

He became, through his own efforts a “high value man” – which women are attracted to and want to be with!

Get into incredible shape! If you are average or overweight you will be ignored by women! If you have a pot belly… shame on you!

Build a business or develop your career. Don’t be a low income loser! You want the sexy lady to want to be with you? The make yourself financially successful!

Here’s a video on one guys transformation that you may find motivating to watch!


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