Get her back After Cheating

Get her back After CheatingIn my younger days I was kind of a rogue. I was not very loyal to the women I dated and often would get caught at some point spending time with another lady friend. Most times I just didn’t care, mostly due to the sheer fact I was often more interested in the new woman I was chasing versus the current woman I was dating!

I can still remember dating one girl, waiting for her to fall asleep, then sneaking out of bed, taking her brand-new Nissan Z300 convertible and heading to the local night spot to hang with my buddies and chase some tail!

However at some point you are going to do something like this and get caught.

And more importantly you may actually not want to end your current relationship over the girl you are sleeping with behind her back!

When she dumps you… and she will!… you need to have a plan ready to go to win her back.

And trust me when I say this, it will not be as easy as you think!

Here’s what to do.

Get her back After Cheating!! But How?

ONE:   Take action immediately; don’t wait for her feelings to solidify and turn against you permanently. The longer you take action to turn things around the less likely she will be willing to take you back.

TWO:   Don’t try to win her over, instead win over her friends. The people who will be shitting on your parade will be her friends. They will be talking stink about you for the longest time and will be constantly reminding her what a scum bag you are.

The quicker you can convince them you made a very bad judgment call and demonstrate you are regretful about sleeping with the other girl there is some likelihood one or two of her friends may come to your aide and champion your efforts to get back together.

THREE:   Immediately distance yourself from the “other girl” and any of her friends. You do not want to be associated with them at all. Keep in mind that you also do not want to speak ill about that girl or her friends as this was YOUR mistake in judgment and not hers.

FOUR:   Gently approach her, being totally apologetic and understanding of her predicament. She is openly wondering if she can ever trust you again. She is very hurt and emotionally distraught over the fact you were intimate with another girl. She is being told by all those close to her to dump you and move on.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”0743225503″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”225″]You need to be very aware of these things she is encountering and then with sensitivity attempt to reach out to her for that first conversation where you throw yourself on the sword and do your best sales pitch to win her back.

Realize it may take several conversations and some help from one of her friends to get her where she will consider taking you back.

In Conclusion:   If she does take you back then you need to man up and never cheat on her again… and be he best boyfriend you can possibly be!

Here’s a video on how to win her back from a different viewpoint. Enjoy the video!


article: Get her back After Cheating

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