Get that V-Shape Women Want in their Men

Get that V-Shape Women Want in Their MenWhen you see truly fit guys they always seem to have the sexiest ladies as their girlfriends! Without question, regardless of your age, the more physically fit you are the more attractive to women you will be.

In this post we are going to discuss how to get the much desired “V-shape” women find irresistible in men.

Here in Hawaii many guys have this fit V-shape look because they surf.

If you have ever spent any time on a surfboard you will exactly what I mean.

Lying down on the board as you paddle out to the waves… over and over and over… well, this keeps you very fit!

However, if you live in Cheyenne Wyoming your chances to go surfing every day are nonexistent!

So, how would you go about getting that much sought after V-shape body? Lets take a look at what exactly is involved in the shape of the V-shape physique.

Get That V-Shape Women Want in Their Men!

Number OneLats!   The lats are the cornerstone of the V-shape physique. They provide the “V” if they are fit, well muscled and pumped up. Lat pull downs, dumbbell rows etc. will get you well defined lats.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B000TG8D6I” locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”300″]Number Two:  Abs/Waist Line.   In order for your lats to stand out and be pronounced enough to give the V-shape you need to have a fit and trim waist line.

Being trim may be enough, but for a classic fit look you really need to have a solid six pack to carry off the look. Shoot for 8 to 15% body fat to really show off your trim mid-section.

Number ThreeShoulders.   To make your V-Shape look even more pronounced you need to have muscular shoulders so to give top of the “V” more accentuation.

Muscular shoulders really top off the V-shape and give the overall appearance of a very fit individual. Dumbbell shoulder raises and should press should work nicely in developing well muscled shoulders.

Getting a V-Shape physique is really not all that difficult… really! But, keep in mind that its much more than just hitting the weights. It  involves cardio and diet as well!

Here’s a video that goes into detail on how to get a V-Shape physique. Enjoy the video!


article: Get That V Shape Women Want in Their Men

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