Getting Rejected IS Personal!!

getting rejectedWhen you asked the cute redhead from accounting out to dinner and she looked at you like you were a deep-fried rodent it’s safe to say she is not into you. It could be that you are just not her type, or perhaps she likes tall dark and handsome, of which you are not.

Getting rejected is personal! How can it not be! Just because you are not someone’s type does not mean that you are unappealing! There could be a number of factors that dramatically influence “attraction”.

Here is a list of reasons why you may be rejected by women:

ONE You are too short! If you are under 5’ 5” you will have a tough time attracting women as most women prefer their men to be at 2” taller than them.

TWO:  You lack confidence and come across intimidated by her. Perhaps you are intimidated by more dominant men as well. Women can smell a weak guy a mile off and will never be attracted to him. Never!

THREE:  You are unkempt and have body odor. For some reason many men fail to realize being unclean is a turn off… and not to just women! Greasy hair, wrinkled, dirty clothes and bad breath will kill any chances of attracting women!

FOUR:  You have low “social proof”! You are a low-value-male. You are respected by few and unknown by almost all. Google your name and guy from Kalamazoo pops up in the search results who happens to be on a list of dead-beat dads owing child support.

FIVE:  You’re out of shape and have a pot-belly… and you’re only 32 years old. Like most American men you are a piece of crap physically and even your “Nana” has stopped calling you handsome! The thought of getting into peak physical condition makes you physically sick.

SIX You are socially awkward and your conversation skills are that of a first grade child… the child who pees his pants when called on in class.

Getting Rejected IS Personal!!

So, more than likely you were rejected by that sexy babe because of one of the above; or perhaps a combination of two or three of them. You can increase your chances of not being rejected by improving any of the above issues that you may own.

Take steps to better yourself and that’s when you will become more appealing to women. Do nothing and you will forever be single and totally alone.

Here’s a video on how to deal with rejection. Enjoy!


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