Getting a six pack in 28 days?

six pack abs 28 daysFor those of you who doubt the ability of anyone to get fit within a short four-week period of time let me share with you this video I came across. In this video you will see a comedian go through the process of becoming fit and lean via weight training, cardio and changing his diet to a vegetarian styled meal plan.

If any of you follow this web magazine at all you know that I discuss this very same process in various posts as well as a book I currently have published on I myself how to get rippedhave gone through a six week program that resulted in increased muscle mass, six pack abs and a very improved sense of “healthiness” I have only experienced once or twice in my life.

If you want to get very fit and be much more appealing to women you truly need a program to follow that works. By reading my book: How to Get Ripped  Abs: Six Pack Abs in 6 Weeks!, you will have a detailed blueprint on how to work out, how to eat and how to enjoy the new lifestyle of being very fit.

In the videos below you will first see the comedian who went through the “28 days” which will include before and after shots. The next video is of a young man who went through a 28 day vegetarian program where he discusses his final results.

While I am a proponent of being a vegetarian I do eat animal protein from time to time just due to the fact that when I do any form of heavy weight training I want to ensure I am getting enough quality protein to adequately “recover”. But having said that, my diet is still primarily vegetarian. Enjoy the videos!


Article: Getting a six pack in 28 days?

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