Have you ever been stalked by a girl?

Have you ever been stalked by a girlI have!  And it was kind of strange.  At first I didn’t know who the “stalker” was as she kept very distant and only left notes on my car windshield every few days.

This happened back in 1987 when I first arrived in Honolulu.  I was all of 26 years old and had just started a job at the largest upscale retailer in the islands… which meant I was suddenly surrounded by beautiful Asian girls at work from 9 to 5.  All I could say at the time was HOLY SHIT!

But then I had this “stalker”.

It felt kind of creepy and uncomfortable as this women would leave very flattering messages on my car windshield every couple of days.

What was really strange was that she would leave these short 300 word notes/letters on my car no matter where my car was parked!

It could be at my residence, my office or the beach park!

What this meant was whomever this was she was actively following me and my movements.  Regardless if she beautiful, or not, this really started to concern me and my new friends from work.  Think for a minute: how many guys have female stalkers??!!  Not very many.

After about four months of this with no idea who this could be I really started to become irritated with the fact I was being “watched” and “stalked” by someone who was not willing to identify themselves. While I often fantasized it was a gorgeous Asian beauty I came to quickly realize I probably would never know who this woman was.

At about the end of month five… that’s right, five months!.. of having love notes left on my car’s windshield several times per week I needed to relocate to another island for a short period of time for my job.  After spending three months on Maui I was concerned this flaky woman would resume her love notes again.

As luck would have it when I returned to Oahu after my stint on Maui I never again received another note on my windshield from this woman, thus leaving this mystery very unsolved!

Here’s a more serious video on a man being stalked by a woman in England that became a very serious issue for him.  Enjoy the video!


article: Have you ever been stalked by a girl?

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