He has NO Wife, Girlfriend or FWB.. and He’s Happy!!

He has NO Wife, Girlfriend or FWB.. and He’s Happy!!A good friend of mine always seems happy. He is never stressed or bothered by anything regarding his career, financial capabilities or health. He is 47 years old, has never been married, does not want a girlfriend and stays away from any emotional commitment with women! And he is very happy!

I have known James (not his real name) for the past six years and in all those years I have never seen him with a girl or even express an interest in any women whom he would meet. For the longest time my wife thought he was gay.

Her rational being that he does not seem to want to have a girlfriend thus he MUST be gay!

So one day after my wife was giving him some grief about not liking women he and I head out for a beer.

It was during this beer, or several of them, that he shares his unique method of dating women that actually sounds very interesting…

…and I must admit, maybe a good option for those of us guys who really do not want a commitment and want variety when it comes women.

Some background on my friend James. He is a self employed attorney who makes a ton of money. He handles many divorce cases and has dated many women when he was much younger. However, due to his experiences dealing with divorcing couples he has come to a conclusion getting married for men is a no win situation.

He has NO Wife, Girlfriend or FWB.. and He’s Happy!!Men get hit the hardest financially and often lose proximity to their children when the divorce is finalized, he claims. As a result he has made a conscious decision to not get legally involved with women, thus not staying in any one relationship too long, to the point she starts talking marriage and commitment.

Her is how he has a very vibrant dating life that keeps him happy… very, very happy! And never alone.

His use of Hostess Bars

James likes to have a variety of women to select from whenever he wants. He achieves this by frequenting several local Korean Hostess Bars on a very regular basis. At each of these bars he has one regular “girlfriend” that he sees when he is in the mood.

He has NO Wife, Girlfriend or FWB.. and He’s Happy!!These women, about four of them(!!!), are all in their early thirties, extremely attractive, Asian and very attentive to his needs whenever he shows up at their respective bars.

He certainly understands these women are only giving him attention because of his spending a lot of money on them while with them, so he is not kidding himself with thinking they actually care for him.

Each lady makes him feel important when shows face in their bar. He has slept with all four and continues to do so; and when he is bored with any one of them he just stops going to this particular hostess bar and ventures into another one to acquire a new squeeze for the next several months!

The best part, he says: no commitment, no need to take them out unless you really want to and you know where they are at all times… working in their bar!

His Trips to Thailand

Hostess bars give him somewhat of a small emotional connection with some very beautiful Asian women. However, sometimes he desires very young women to experience in the bedroom.

He tells me his preference is women who are in their early twenties. And he keeps stressing the easiest place in the world to bed a sexy 23 year old is in Thailand.

He takes three trips a year to Thailand where he spends a month at a time there having a young lady stay with him for the entire month acting like his young girlfriend.

If by chance after the first week with this first girl he loses interest he goes and finds another. Nice!

He showed me some pictures of his latest squeeze from Phuket and let me tell you she was very, very beautiful! The picture was of her sitting at a five star hotel just before they had dinner with her wearing a very nice evening gown that made her look amazing!

His Use of Massage Parlors

He has NO Wife, Girlfriend or FWB.. and He’s Happy!!Of course he can not always be traveling to Thailand! So what he does when not in Thailand, or visiting his lady friends at the hostess bars, is to frequent the local massage parlors.

Just like the hostess bar situation he has several massage parlors where at each he has one special lady with whom he is a regular with. Each of these ladies knows what he likes and cater to his “special needs” he tells me (with a huge smile on his face!!).

He tells me he has the best sex life of any guy he knows! And he does so without all the wacky bullshit that normally comes with dating one woman with whom you will lose interest in after a short period of time.

In Conclusion…

While I don’t agree with my friend’s lifestyle I can tell you he is one happy guy. Getting laid by only beautiful exotic Asian women whenever you want is very, very appealing. Keep in mind this guy makes a ton of money and can afford such a lifestyle! Would I want to do this? Probably not. Why? I just have to take one look at my daughter and that would be the reason why not!

Of course, every time now that my wife states to me that she thinks James is gay I just put a big smile on my face and think about all the fun my friend is having! Lucky bastard!!

article: He has NO Wife, Girlfriend or FWB.. and He’s Happy!!

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