Help! An old ugly woman keeps asking me out!

An old ugly woman keeps asking me outSo my single friend comes to my office the other day and is full of anxiety about this woman who keeps expressing interest in him. He tells me she is downright ugly and old enough to be his mother! The worst part is that she works in the same office as him so he cannot escape her advances.

Why he came to me for advice is because over the years I have had numerous stalkers, flakes and strange women to contend with, thus could offer some sort of real world solution for him.

So here was my advice:

One: Be Kind but Brutally Honest with Her.

The next time she flirts or expresses interest take her aside and just be very matter of fact:

“Look, Shelly, I appreciate all your attention, but to be very honest with you I am not attracted to you.

I would like to keep you as a friend, but think you should know that I do not want a romantic relationship with you.”

Deliver this message in a kind way and most women would understand and leave you alone.

Two: Just Ignore Her!

That’s right, just ignore her! Works like a charm… and after a period of time she will lose interest and find some other guy to lay her sites on. Hopefully!

The problem is that sometimes this can backfire and by you ignoring her she may actually become even more interested in you. Like they say: “We all want something we cannot have.”

Three: Use Her.

Boy that sounds cold doesn’t it! But, hey, if she keeps pursuing you and you have not expressed any return interest back then what’s the harm. If she keeps pursuing you after [easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B0082DAFSY” locale=”us” height=”185″ src=”” width=”195″]you told her you were not interested in her even more so feel free to use her for sex or running errands for you… whatever you need.

She will be so wanting to be with you she will gladly want to be used by you. But, keep in mind this may prove to be a dual edged sword. Women like this tend to turn into psychos which could make your life somewhat challenging when around them!

So what did my friend do: Nothing as of yet. But he did share with me he is seriously considering option number three!

I say to him: Good luck with that!

article: Help! An old ugly woman keeps asking me out!

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