Help! My Girlfriend Still Misses Her Ex!

Help! My Girlfriend Still Misses Her Ex!This is the dilemma a good friend of mine is currently going through, which sounds to be very frustrating for him. He is constantly asking me for advice, so here’s what I told him to do.

Keep in mind I can be somewhat a very straight forward type of guy and tell it like it is, which can get some folks very unhappy with me despite their seeking my opinion. Go figure!

I asked him three quick questions:

Question #1…

If the “ex” was single and available would she choose him over you?

This usually wakes the guy up to realize that maybe he is with the wrong girl and needs to move on! Just visualizing this in their minds is where they connect the dots and most times take action to end this type of relationship.

Question #2…

If she ran into the “ex” in a distant city without you there would there be any likelihood of them “hooking up”?

If the above question does not get them thinking then I throw this one at them.

This usually gets them shaken up enough to get angry and then understanding of the situation they find themselves in.

Just the thought of girlfriend in bed with the “ex” while still in a relationship with them does get their emotions boiling… usually enough to understand it is time to end it.

Question #3…

Are you such a weak guy that you tolerate your girl missing some other guy?

If the above two questions do not do the trick then I challenge them by hitting their ego. Seriously, what guy would tolerate any woman in their lives missing some other guy?! If they do continue with the relationship then they are only waiting for eventual disappointment and heartbreak!

In conclusion…

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”190577804X” locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”250″]If your girl misses some other guy this usually means she is not all that into you! Once you are fully aware of this dynamic you are in then it is truly time to blow this chick off and find someone else! If not, then you deserve what you get… and that will only be disappointment!

Here’s a video from a different perspective on this topic that may prove somewhat helpful. Enjoy the video!


article: Help! My Girlfriend Still Misses Her Ex!

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