Her Friends Don’t Like Me!

Her Friends Don’t Like MeIf this is your only problem in the relationship I would say you are doing ok! After all did you really want to hang out with her friends all that much anyways?! Hopefully not!

By nature, women are petty creatures. They will not like anyone person for a multitude of reasons. And if you happen to be dating one of their close friends you will be on their radar screen to hate at some point!

Here’s what to do if her friends don’t like you and they are pressuring her to breakup with you.

ONEDo Nothing!  That’s right… do nothing!

Ignore them and put them in proper level of importance in your life: they don’t exist and don’t matter.

TWOTry to reason with them.  In my opinion this will not work.

These are women after all and they see you as the enemy.

You are the one who took their best friend from them. You are the cause of this tight little group of friends being threatened.

THREEAntagonize them.  They probably think you are a jerk… so be a jerk! Be rude, condescending and evil to them. I had a buddy do just that and it seemed to work for a while.

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That is, until his girlfriend started to side with her friends over him. He eventually lost this little game and got dumped!!

Her Friends Don’t Like Me!  YIKES!!!

FOURBefriend them.  Go out of your way to be the male friend of the group. BUT, when trying to do this you will quickly become a beta male.

These women will see you as being weak and desperate to keep your girlfriend, thus acknowledging to them even more so you are not good enough for their friend.

FIVEDump Her!!  If her friends get to too obnoxious and they are really pushing for your lady friend to dump you then do a preemptive strike and kick HER to the curb. Why? Because sooner or later she will succumb to their pressure and dump you.

Here is something for you to think about: If her friends don’t like you it is usually because she is talking stink about you to these friends!

She is probably telling them you don’t make enough money, or you are lazy or are a poor performer in bed.

Think about that last paragraph… because that’s usually why the friends don’t like the boyfriend! Option five is looking pretty good right now, right?

Here’s a video on this very topic. Enjoy the video!


article: Her Friends Don’t Like Me!

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