Here is an online service to meet Japanese women!

Here is an online service to meet Japanese womenJust stumbled upon this website last night and thought I would pass it on to you guys who are interested in meeting a Japanese lady. If you have ever spent any time in Japan you would leave that country with the understanding why we western men desire these special ladies so much!

Upon looking at this particular website it seems to be some sort of “introduction service”, but with the introductions being done through email and standard mail. Upon further review of the website you will see they have a ton of ladies who are listed on their site who have an active interest in meeting western men.

All of these profiles have pictures of the ladies, which makes your selection process that much easier.

Here is the link to this website if you are interested:

Note: I am not endorsing this particular service, but just brining it to your attention for further review on your part if you should be interested.

I met my wife through a different introduction service here in Honolulu.

It was a very positive experience in that the women I met were all VERY attractive, educated and looking for men who wanted a serious commitment.

Here is a post on how I met my Japanese wife: click here.

The fee was somewhat more than what I expected to pay for such a service in that I didn’t really want to spend a thousand dollars to meet a woman to date and possibly marry. But I had to remind myself that I was tired of meeting the local ladies here in Hawaii who were divorced, had kids and were serial daters! I quickly looked at the $1,000 fee as an investment in my future!

Updated: September 28, 2013

In case you are wondering, this particular service that I used introduced me to 16 women in a period of 2 months! Several of these women I was very taken with as not only were they very exotic and sexy but they were also very “Japanese” and feminine… unlike many American women!

I am also sure you are wondering why I would use such a service. Well, in a sentence or two:

“I became very tired of meeting women the traditional way. I was growing tired of meeting women who played games or were serial daters.

I also did not want to meet women who were addicted to internet dating whereby they would be dating one guy in the morning, have yet another date for lunch with yet another guy and then go home and flirt with other guys via!”

Another reason why I liked this particular service I used here in Honolulu is that I would meet these women initially over a cup of coffee. The service would call me, discuss the lady in detail with me and set a time and place for us to meet. No endless emails! No unnecessary waiting periods! No games being played with insincere women!

The particular service listed above I am not familiar with, but looks worth exploring if you have an interest in meeting a woman from Japan. Before selecting this particular service I would highly recommend checking out other similar services found online as well and then make a decision to move forward or not.

Here is a video of a guy who used a video introduction via this service and is fairly standard for men to do when using a service such as this. Enjoy the video!


article: Here is an online service to meet Japanese women!

Update: 09/28/2013

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