How Can an Ugly Guy Get a Girlfriend?

How Can an Ugly Guy Get a GirlfriendIf you classify yourself as an unattractive and unappealing guy then you must be asking the question to your self: How Can an Ugly Guy Get a Girlfriend?  Here’s your answer!

First you need to define “ugly”! If it is purely physical there are things one can do to improve your appearance factor!

If it is your personality, meaning you are either an ass or socially awkward, making you less appealing to women then an entirely different approach to this problem would have to take shape.

For today’s discussion lets focus on the physical aspect of the problem; thus in a later post we will delve in to the personality aspect.

If you are truly unappealing to women it is because of one of the following reasons:

Ugly face.

Body odor.

Fat or Obese.

Too Thin.

Some strange deformity.

The Ugly Face.

This is the toughest of the above challenges to solve. Your options are to either get plastic surgery to change the appearance of your face, grow a beard to hide your face or, if applicable, use some sort of cosmetics to hide blemishes etc..

I once new a woman who was very ugly, but had beautiful natural blond hair and had a bikini models body. But the face… ugh!!

What she elected to do was to get a complete plastic surgery performed on her face, which took about 18 months to fully complete.

Needless to say she went from ugly to… semi-appealing. But due to this surgical solution she was able to meet a great guy and now they are married and have a nice family!

Body Odor.

Every once in a while you will encounter a man or woman who just smells! Unbeknownst to us is that some of these folks may actually have a medical condition that is the cause of this body odor!

How Can an Ugly Guy Get a GirlfriendI believe most people who smell are aware of it and take the necessary precautions to ensure their body odor stays in check.

However if you have consistent and unexplained odor it would be very wise to meet with a physician to properly diagnose the problem should there be some sort of medical condition you may not be aware of!

You Are Fat.. Really Fat!

No brainer here! Do what ever it takes to lose weight and get fit! People do it every day! Exercise every day to burn calories, eat fewer carbs and eat fewer calories!

As a matter of fact there are a number of TV shows that discuss this topic in great detail. One of them is NBC’s “The Biggest Loser!”. Check it out!

You’re Rail-Thin!!

Very few women like their men to be ultra thin! If you are in this category of unattractiveness then your biggest problem will be packing on the pounds.

There are worse problems in life than this… trust me!

To gain body mass it is as simple as eating more, way more than your current caloric intake while hitting the gym to focus on building muscle.

Of course you do not want to eat junk food but focus on healthy meals giving you the necessary calories and nutrients that support muscle growth.

How Can an Ugly Guy Get a Girlfriend?

A Deformity.

This can be the issue that may not be resolved without some sort of medical intervention.

What ever the deformity seek the advice of a physician and chart a course to deal with the deformity in a way so that it is not detraction from your looks.

If all fails the last option is to stop ogling at the pretty girls and go find yourself an ugly or fat lady friend. I am sure that unattractive women are just as lonely as unattractive men!

Now that’s something to think about!

Here’s a video on Why Hot Girls Date Ugly Guys.


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