How do you overcome jealousy in a relationship?

How do you overcome jealousy in a relationshipThis question comes up often whenever I meet up with one of my friends who is a very jealous guy. His girlfriend has a bad tendency to be overly flirtatious and attentive to any guy who she encounters.

My advice to my friend with the jealousy problem is as follows:

Why are you jealous?

Ask yourself why you are jealous. Is there some serious behavioral issues from you girlfriend that is causing you to be threatened in your relationship?

Ask yourself if you are being overly sensitive or if you are being unrealistic in what you expect from your girlfriend.

Does she know you are feeling jealous as a result of her behaviors? If so, how does she react to you being jealous?

More importantly how do you feel about these feelings of jealousy? Do you think these feelings will at some point jeopardize your relationship with this girl?

Determine these feelings are either legitimate or not, then follow the following steps.

Remember: You are the Man!

I am the type of guy that does not take any crap from a woman. I don’t care how attractive she is. I don’t care how great in bed she is.

I don’t care if she cooks my favorite meals for me every night! If she is causing me any type of grief I kick her to the curb!

Most women know when they are doing things that cause their boyfriend to be jealous.

They are intelligent and intellectual enough to figure this out quickly – after all, you would not date a stupid chick, right!?!

And, unless you forgot, you are a confident and capable guy who is moving forward in his life.

You have a future you are building, you are very physically fit and you are confident with a high sense of self-worth!

This type of guy, hopefully you(!), will have other women expressing interest. You will have quality friendships and will never be alone. You have value few men posses!

Remember – you are the MAN!  (If you are not then read this article)

Simple Solution!

Now that you know where you are coming from ask yourself this question: If she is aware she is making you jealous, thus making you feel insecure because of her thoughtless behavior, is she worth having in your life?


Dump her and move on. You do not need a selfish and insincere woman to have a relationship with.

You want a woman who respects you and brings value to your life, not detracting from all that you are doing to have a quality lifestyle!

Because you are the guy men want to be and women want to be with this should be an easy process.

However, if you are a beta male the woman who knows she makes you jealous will continue to do so… because she can!

By the way, my fiend is still with this woman… and he is MISERABLE! Until he becomes a MAN she will control his emotions. This now is his problem and not hers!

Here is a video with another perspective regarding the question: How do you overcome jealousy in a relationship? Enjoy the video!


How do you overcome jealousy in a relationship?

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