How to Approach Women in the Elevator

How to Approach Women in the ElevatorMeeting women is easy if men are confident, are comfortable starting conversations and are dressed well enough to attract women. An elevator ride is brief but can be the start of something special, after all, how many times have you meet some interesting people in elevators?  Pleanty I am sure!

Understanding how to make the most of this unique encounter helps men better approach women in the elevator and hopefully leave with a phone number. The following are some tips for success.

ONERead the Clues

Men have less than a minute to make an impression.

To approach a woman, one needs to pick up on her interests by looking at her dress and behavior.

If she’s holding a running magazine, a man can base his conversations on this.

Playing detective and keeping things light and fun helps a man seal the deal!

TWOAsk Her Where She’s Going

One of the easiest ways to start a conversation is to ask the woman where she’s going. This is a chance to find out what the woman does for a living or in her spare time. After all, if she is going to work, a man can then ask about her job. If a woman is on her way to the movies, a man can ask which film she plans to see. A lot can stem from this question.

THREEAsk Advice

It is important to keep the conversation brief and casual. No man wants to come on too strong in a small space. This is a great chance to ask advice about what to get a mother for Mother’s Day or for good running locations in the area. The exact question should be based on a woman’s age, appearance, and other obvious clues.

FOURDrop Something

Conversation starters can be simple like dropping a set of keys near the woman’s feet. She will no doubt bend down, and a smart guy will time things so their hands touch. This is a chance to then make a charming joke and move the conversation along. A man could make a joke about his clumsiness or make a comment about how the keys are getting heavy. If a woman smiles and responds, then she’s interested.

FIVEMention Something Current

Another way to approach women is to bring up a current event or story linked to the area. A professional-looking woman might be interested in politics, and a young college girl might be interested in hearing about the latest gossip about a recent concert or event. Conversation starters only need to open the door. A woman’s response will dictate the follow-up question.

Fairly basic stuff here! So next time you get into an elevator with an attractive woman make the most of it and start the conversation. A two minute elevator ride can be a rare opportunity to date a truly beautiful woman who you would never otherwise encounter!

Good luck!

article: How to Approach Women in the Elevator

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