How to Approach Women on the Street

How to Approach Women on the StreetIf I had a nickel for every time I would see a beautiful woman on the street that I would love to get to know, I would be a rich man!! As all us guys know, approaching women on the street can be very tricky and awkward. So how does one go about doing this without looking like an ass?

Keep in mind, whenever approaching a woman you do not know you may be walking into a mine field. For all you know she may be having a bad day, or may truly not want to be hit on at that very moment!

She may also be married, have a boyfriend or be in a place where she is hating all men for whatever reason at that very moment you walk up to her! Hmmm…

Approaching women in general can be very anxiety provoking.

There are better places to approach a woman than out in front of your local bank; such as nightclubs, evenings out as a group from or even at the local bowling ally!

These places you are experiencing the same activity as the targeted woman, thus it is a shared experience where you have a common interest; therefore making your approach a little less awkward.

But, trying to meet a strange woman on the street, that’s a different animal all together! How would you approach this woman? What would you say so you don’t come off like a creep or horn-dog?

Here is a guy who has put together this video to help guide you in your efforts to approaching women on the street. I think you will find it very interesting! I know I did.


article: How to approach women on the street.

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