How to attract married women!

How to attract married women!I can’t think of one single day where I had not encountered a very beautiful woman whom I would give my left nut to… only to discover she was married! Having dated several married women in my past I thought I would write about some tips on how to attract married women!

I can still remember my first married lady friend and the torrid sex that took place in her bed as her husband was at work. I was all of all of 22 and she was 37. To this day those memories bring a huge smile to my face!


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If you want to learn how to attract a married woman then you must follow the below four tips! (Updated: June 7, 2016)

NUMBER ONE:   Offer fun and excitement!

That’s right, offer fun!

She is probably married and very bored in her relationship with her husband.

If you can be the guy who offers a change of pace and can be a fun guy to be around she just may want to spend some time with you!

What ever you do, do not get possessive and ever treat her like she is your girlfriend as she already has a husband! Be the guy she “wants” to spend time with because you are fun, non-committal and easy to talk to!… and you are very different from her boring husband!


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NUMBER TWO:   Be discrete and confidential.   If you can prove, or demonstrate, to the married woman you are interested in that you can be very discrete she may take the risk of spending time with you. You can be the best looking guy who is very fun and interesting but if you can not be discrete then you do not stand any chance with her.

The last thing she needs is for you to talk to others about your relationship with her and the next thing she knows is her husband finds out and she in going through a divorce.

NUMBER THREE:   Be extraordinary!   There is a very good chance that her husband is overweight, boring and not very interested in her as well.

If you can be very physically appealing by being very fit and well dressed, on top of being a successful and engaging guy, then your chances of attracting a married woman became very real.

Be that extraordinary guy she has never been with! Be the guy women desire to be with. Be the guy her husband is not!

Be accomplished, fit, well groomed and very easy to talk to. It’s that easy!

NUMBER FOUR:   Be a Good Listener!   She will want to be with you if you are a good listener. After all, it will not be about sex at first. It will be about her ability to communicate with you and you “hear” what she is telling you. If she is in an uneventful marriage her husband is probably not affectionate and offers very little romance. You can step in and fill this void!


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In Closing…

This is how you attract a married woman. I know, because this is how I ended up with a torrid affair with an attractive Filipina who was married to a sales rep who traveled too much. I basically just stepped in and filled the void by following the above tips.

I was very fit, had a shoulder for her to cry on and I was fun. Next thing I know I’m in bed with her having phenomenal sex! What a memory!


article: How to attract married women! Updated: 01/03/2014

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