How to attract younger women! Yes, You Can!

How to attract younger womenToday we are going to discuss how to attract younger women! Don’t panic! It is doable and once you see things from a different perspective you will see just how easy it can be. As a matter of fact, follow the advice in this article and you can be that rare 50 something guy who has that sexy 30 year old on your arm!

Here are the steps to success in learning how to attract younger women:

ONE: Improve Your Energy Levels! Most guys over the age of 50 seem to be “tired” all the time. Many look like they are 70 instead of 50! The secret to energy is…. WATER! Try this as an experiment: When you wake up – drink two glasses of water.

Then every hour on the hour drink a large 10 ounce glass of water until the end of your work day. Couple this with low carb meals and you WILL see a much improved level of energy you have not felt in years!

TWO: Dress Well All the Time! But don’t try to dress like a younger guy… dress like a “successful” 50 year old! Women will date an older man if he is a successful older man who looks and IS successful. Younger women will not be attracted to an older man trying to look like a rapper!… or something he is not.

THREE: Become a Resource! Be the guy everyone turns to for help. Women are naturally attracted to alpha males, leaders and men who others seek help from. If you are not that guy, become that guy!

Younger women will want a “man”, and that’s what all your years on this earth should be bringing to the table! Younger men still are trying to figure themselves out, thus often seek advice and leadership from others.

FOUR: Improve Your Appearance! This is the easiest of all! LOSE YOUR GUT!! You don’t need a six-pack, but it would help! Take your fitness very seriously so your physique stands out from other men your age.

Younger women are even more so attracted to physically fit men due to this new media age! You can be in that top 5% of men group who are fit and look good naked! But that’s up to you! Lastly, not only get fit (preferably VERY FIT!) but also get a good haircut and get a tan!

How to attract younger women! Yes, You Can!

FIVE: Improve Your Attitude! Learn how to become happy and start living a purpose driven life full of fun, adventure and challenges. If you are doing exciting things in your life younger women will want to join you!

Hiking, skydiving, scuba in the Bahamas or taking judo classes in Kyoto… whatever floats your boat, makes you happy and challenges you enough to make you a little nervous!

SIX: Be a MAN! Never, ever let women walk all over you! Never! Live your life for you, your friendships and the challenges this type of life brings! Women are there for the icing on the cake, as they are the last reason why you now lead a high quality lifestyle designed by you for you!

The more you act like you don’t need a woman the more women, especially younger women, will want to be with you. Why? Because now you are a “challenge”!

Above is all you need to learn how to attract younger women! Most guys 50 or older won’t heed this advice. Some of you will… and it will be those who do that will be with that young sexy woman who will add new zest to his life!

Here’s an interesting video for your viewing on How to attract younger women! Enjoy!


Good Luck!

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