How to Build Your Chest!

How to build your ChestWomen really like men who have six pack abs and a well defined chest!!  We have discussed the six pack abs process a couple posts ago so today we are going to get into the topic of the well defined chest.

How to build your chest so it accentuates your physique is fairly straight forward. The four exercises I do to build my chest include: Bench press, chest flies, incline bench press and cable crossovers. As I said, fairly straight forward!

If you do not have access to a gym then I would recommend getting a set of high quality resistance bands and use them to perform the above mentioned exercises.

Of course, the number one chest exercise is the good ‘Ole push-up! With push-ups you can perform different variations of the exercise that really challenge your pecs – all without the need of a gym membership!

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As matter of fact if you just focused on your chest and abs you would a body most men would envy! – (but don’t do that… focus on all your muscle groups!)

Here’s a video on how to build your chest without gym equipment. Enjoy the video!


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