How to Dump Your Girlfriend

How to Dump Your GirlfriendSo you have been dating this girl for a while now and you decide you are just not all that into her. Time to move on and seek new “talent”!! But how do you go about giving the ax?

Simple! I am from the old school where a man is a man and he should not be afraid of direct conversation.

No “texting” the message. No emailing the message. No voice mailing the message!

Time for you to set up a brief conversation with her and just say what’s on you mind and let her down gently.

Be brief, to the point and very polite.

Be prepared to have her become emotionally angry and possibly aggressive with you.

Whatever you do, do not get upset yourself.  Remain calm and stay on point. Deliver your message, be kind and then exit yourself stage left.

When she tries to call you over the following days after the breakup let her calls go to voice mail.

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While this may seem cruel it is truly the easier way for her to finally realize you have ended the relationship and it is time for her to move on as well.

Here is an entertaining video that looks at ways for guys to break up with their girlfriends. It is rather funny in that some of these scenarios I have seen guys use to end their relationships!

Enjoy the video!


article: How to Dump Your Girlfriend


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