How to find athletic ladies to date?

How to find athletic ladies to dateI don’t know about you but I much prefer a woman who is slim, athletic and tan. All the women of America today are becoming fat and very unappealing; thus being able to find an attractive sexy sporty woman is getting much more difficult.

For me I have found the easiest place to meet sexy and very fit women is on the tennis court. Where else can you go and talk to a strange woman and then within a few brief minutes be playing a sport with her… which starts the whole process getting acquainted!

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Don’t play tennis? Then I suggest you start! This is where you will find only fit and attractive ladies of all ages! No fat women here!

Join your local tennis club, or take some group lessons and chances are there will be a couple hotties there who want to guy to hit tennis balls with. Better yet join to meet other tennis enthusiast and eventually you will come across a woman who really spins your wheel!

Here’s a video of sexy female tennis players.  Enjoy the video!


article: How to find athletic ladies to date?


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