How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text

How to Flirt With a Girl Over TextMy friend Alex of just submitted this very cool article for us here at SWW to publish.  Read the article and then go and check out all the great info on his website regarding texting women!  Very much worth a look in my opinion.

And even if you do not know how to text, I suggest you learn quickly as many women seem to be more into this form of communication than using the traditional phone!

How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text

by: Alex J. Steve

As the years progress, people find new ways to flirt and get naughty. They use various methods now available which include greeting cards and love letters, as well as Facebook, Watsapp, tweets and chats. Many couples store love letters they receive from their sweethearts as keepsakes.

Here are a few guidelines on how to flirt with a girl over text:

• Write texts that are easy to read – the person you are targeting should find them simple and interesting to read. The text should be brief, sound innocent and polite. This should result in you having long conversations with her before luring her into a date.

• The text messages should sound sincere – let her know that you mean what you say and that it outpours straight from your heart. She should feel Cupid’s bow piercing her heart.

• Infuse a little humour and make sure to avoid mention of age or weight. Your text should be slightly naughty and you can try to make her jealous by making slight mention of a girl in your workplace. You can pull her leg about a “typo” or admire the dress she was wearing in your text.

• Let her know that you share her interests – Find out more about her hobbies, career and other little points of interest. Flirt with her by sending her messages that make her feel she is truly special.

• Download a few irresistible ‘smileys’ – try to learn new ones which depict various moods. Girls are easily floored with cute smileys, hearts or teddies while some prefer minions or cool bikes.

• Nicknames are fun – try some of the nicknames that are in keeping with the status of your friendship at the moment.

Once you get to know her better, you can start calling her by the name of your favourite actress.  You could also call her by any special name that you use only for her. For instance, call her ‘Sweetz’ or ‘Superwoman’.

You could invent a name that you think is apt due to something that she excels in doing. Call her “Smiling killer” if she beats you hands down at any game! If you can do it easily without sounding false, she will love to hear you call her these names especially when you joke and tease her. Make sure to compliment her on her smile, hair etc.

Let her know that you miss her terribly in your text messages – it does not matter that you have not texted her for just a few hours. She should know that you spent a miserable day when she did not turn up for work (if she is a colleague).

Never hesitate to apologize if you have made her sad or angry with your text messages. You may not be wrong but it will not help if you start arguing.  Crack a few jokes or relate a funny incident and end all conversations on a good note.

Statistics on the subject of text flirting indicate that nearly 75% of people communicate through text messages. There is no age bar for flirting so this is a good time to master the art of flirting with girls through interesting text messages!

Alex J. Steve teaches people how to text girls at his blog. He has been helping single men since the last 5 years through his dating website. Anyway, you can visit his blog to get more tips on texting girls.

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