How to Get a Tan Without the Sun!

How to Get a Tan without the SunWomen love guys who are fit and TAN If you are trying to be the most physically appealing to women as you possibly can then probably, as important as having a muscular physique, is to have a healthy tan!

Why? Having a tan truly makes you look more healthy and athletic as opposed to not having a tan!

But, we have all heard the warning of sun exposure and its potential for aging of the skin and possible skin cancer concerns!

I myself used to be in the sun all the time when I first moved to Hawaii back in the late ‘80s.

While I liked having a tan here are three problems I had with getting a natural tan via sun exposure:

NUMBER ONE:   Skin Cancer! A friend of mine passed away form skin cancer 10 years ago. That really woke me up to the fact that getting too much sun can kill me!!

NUMBER TWO:   Aging of the skin! I just ran into an old buddy of mine who played beach volleyball on Waikiki beach almost every lunch hour. Twenty years has passed and at 53 yrs of age he looks 80!!

NUMBER THREE:   Too time consuming! Trying to find time to “catch rays” was very time consuming. Anyone with a busy schedule probably won’t have a couple hours a week just to hit the beach or tanning salons!

The answer for me came from a woman I dated back in the late ‘80s who was big in fitness competitions and bikini contests! To accentuate her physique she would do the “self tanning” thing we have all seen or heard about on TV.

Basically she would apply the self tanner lotion the night before when she goes to bed and thus waking up the following morning with a golden tan that would last for days.

If you are pasty white, getting a tan will dramatically improve your appearance.

Women will find you much more appealing than if you had no tan!

As a mater of fact, in California, there is a large industry surrounding “sunless tanning” where by customers would arrive at tanning centers, enter a booth and the sunless tanning lotion would be applied by pressure jets.

How to Get a Tan without the Sun!

Much to my surprise both men and women use these tanning centers in equal numbers!

If you want to look great and impress the ladies do more than just hit the gym. Get a tan as well… at home!

Here’s a video on How to Get a Tan without the Sun!  Enjoy the video!


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