How to get fit fast in order to impress the ladies!

impress the ladiesMost American men are out-of-shape and somewhat lethargic! Needless to say, this does NOT impress women as most women prefer men who have 6 pack abs and a well-defined chest. If you are somewhat out of shape and need to get the body women want in their men, then follow the instructions here in this article!

First, here are some assumptions:

1.) You are about 30 to 50 lbs overweight.   2.) You look like you have never been out in the sun before, thus are pasty white and borderline sickly looking.   3.) Lastly, you have the energy level of a sleeping cat.

Now that is out of the way lets proceed to getting you into “stud” shape as quick as possible!

What you want to do is get lean, add muscle and improve your physical endurance. However, most women prefer the Brad Pitt look when he was in “Fight Club” as opposed to the bodybuilder type. So keep this in mind when you are transforming your physique.

Can you remember the last time a women said to you she liked your body? If not, then here is the real answer to your need to get fit, become more attractive to women and significantly improve your self-confidence!

How to get fit fast in order to impress the ladies!

DIET: You will start to eat only low-fat, healthy foods. No more fast food… and stay away from the starches such as bread and pasta. Focus eating only whole foods, preferably a vegetarian style menu. Make sure you look at the calories consumed as you will need to reduce your caloric intake by as much as 30%.

BUILD MUSCLE: Get into the gym 2 days a week to perform a “full- body” workout. Push yourself! This is your chance to create the muscular definition few men have! BUT… only do your weight-training two days a week! We are assuming you are putting in a great deal of effort here, thus when not in the gym you are resting so you can recover correctly!

A “Full-Body” workout consists of: Bench press for your chest, Curls for you biceps, tricep push down for triceps, lat-pull down for back/lats, crunches for abs, shoulder press for shoulders, squats for legs and leg curls for back legs.

GET LEAN: You will be doing cardio every day. If you are young should be doing wind sprints, jogging or “running” at a 10 or 11 minute mile pace. If you are above the age of 50 then I would recommend walking for one hour every day, for 6 days.

GET a TAN: Match your new and improved physical appearance by getting a tan! If you truly want to stand out above all other men and have women take notice of you, you need to be very fit and TAN!

Here’s a great book that offers a solid plan to follow: Body for Life.

Remember: Women PREFER men who look great naked!

Keep to this program for a solid 3 months. If you do, and don’t slack off at any time, you will see an impressive difference in the way your body looks… and in how you feel!!

And… women will start to notice you again! Really!!


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