How to make a good impression on the first date?

How to make a good impression on the first dateToday we are going to address the question: How to make a good impression on the first date? Notice I did not say: How to create “attraction” on the first date… as this is different and will be covered in a later post.

Most women, even if they think they may be romantically interested in you, will still be a little concerned about your intentions and integrity while on the first date.

Why? Well, more likely than not she has probably had numerous first dates with men who may have been too aggressive, rude, condescending, self absorbed or even too physical for her to be comfortable with!

To make a good impression all you need to do is be a gentleman and follow the clues the woman provides.

NUMBER ONE:   Practice your manners. Open the door for her. Pull out her chair for her to sit. Be polite, fun and respectful.

NUMBER TWO:   Follow her lead. If she is laughing, touching your arm, asking questions bout your interests and leaning towards you then there is a good chance she is genuinely interested in you.

Don’t reach out and touch her unless she touches you first. Don’t try to kiss her unless the above mentioned signals make it very obvious she would be ok with a light and not overly aggressive kiss on the lips.

NUMBER THREE:   Clean yourself up. I am still shocked when I see some of these guys out on dates with some fairly attractive women and it looks like they belong either to a street gang or just crawled off the farm.

Dress polished and sharp. Leave the baseball hat at home, go easy on the cologne and put a well ironed dress shirt on.

NUMBER FOUR:   End of date kiss. If you are having your first date where you are driving her home then make sure you walk her to her door.

This is the most correct time to attempt a kiss; and if she turns her head that’s a pretty good signal she is not interested.

If she kisses you back then make sure you do not over do it a get to aggressive as that may turn her off or worse yet scare her.

These are basic points on how to make a good first impression on a first date!

Here is a funny video on first date blunders. Enjoy the video.


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