How to Make a Woman Want You!!

How to Make a Woman Want YouHave you ever wanted to know how to solve the mystery of attracting women? How about learning the secret of how to make a woman want you? I bet you have!  Today we provide some very insightful tips on how to go about being the guy woman would want to be with.

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How to Make a Woman Want You – These Tips Will Make Women Chase You Around Like Crazy

If you are the kind of person who has trouble asking out girls, there are certain guidelines that should be followed.

Remember that there should always be a build-up to asking a girl out.

Sometimes, guys don’t know how exactly to go about approaching a girl and winning her over.

Some other guys keep going about it the wrong way and then end up not being able to get the girl.

Here are some things you should try to do to get a girl to want you. You can start off by trying a few of these tips and tricks. If you can follow all of them, you can be pretty sure that the woman will fall hard for you.

Tip#1. Be friendly with women –

This does not mean that you should flirt with every woman you meet/know. However, it is advisable that you stop hanging around only with a large bunch of guy friends and instead make an effort to be friends with the opposite sex as well.

This will make you come across as more approachable and a girl will find it easier to come up and start a conversation with you.

Tip#2. Do some research –

How to Make a Woman Want YouIt’s not good to become obsessed with a girl before she’s even you girlfriend.

However, it is advisable that you try to find out what kind of a person she is, what her likes and interests are, etc.

This should preferably be done without her knowledge so that you can take her out for her favorite food…

or ask her about something she is passionate about and she will be pleasantly surprised.

Tip#3. Always keep eye contact –

A lot of shy guys find it difficult to look a girl straight in the eye when they are talking to her. This can be very irritating and off-putting for a girl.

While talking to her, ensure that you maintain eye contact right through your conversation, without coming across as someone who stares too much. Put across your points confidently and be smooth, there is nothing to be worried about.

Tip#4. Give her a chance to talk –

Very often, a guy tries to rule the conversation during the first date. Instead, let her talk and allow her to give her opinions on whatever the discussion about.

This will make her feel that her opinion is important to you. It will also give you a chance to listen to her and understand her better.

Tip#5. Be romantic –

How to Make a Woman Want YouUnless she is a big sports fan, it is highly recommended that you do not try something very adventurous or sporty with a girl until you know her very well.

Show her that you can be romantic and can give her a lovely time.

Take her to a fancy restaurant or order a bottle of sparkling wine if there is any celebration.

Small gifts, flowers and chocolates may sound cliché but they often do the trick when it comes to wooing a woman.

Tip#6. Keep your hands to yourself –

When it comes to making the first move physically, always wait for the woman to either make the first move or invite you to do so. Till that happens, make sure that you keep your hands to yourself.

It is fine to tap her lightly on the back or shake her hand. For some, a quick hug may be fine too. But make sure you do not make her uncomfortable in any way and do not touch her awkwardly.

Tip#7. Limit the spending –

You may have decided that someone is the woman of your dreams. However, if she is not your girlfriend yet, it is advisable to not spend too much on her.

It is fine to offer to pay for the first date because it comes across as being a gentleman, however, if she offers to go Dutch, there is no problem with splitting it. Don’t go overboard with gifts either.

Though this may charm a woman, it will also attract women who feel that they can be bought, and this is not the way to start a good relationship.

Alex J. Steve runs a blog about how to get girls to like you. He says that in order to be happy in your life, you must be successful with women. At least, you must be successful with your girlfriend/wife.

article: How to Make a Woman Want You

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