How to Make More Money on the Side!

How to Make More Money on the Side!You work a solid career position for your day job but for some reason you are always broke. Can’t explain why until one day you sit down, craft a quick budget and realize you have more going out than coming in. Worse yet, this is when it dawns on you that women prefer men who have money… and you are broke!  Always broke!!

If this is you and you are 30 years old this is typical and to be expected. You have school loans you are still paying off, credit card debt you foolishly racked up, an apartment you really cannot afford, and that new car sitting in your garage… well, that’s eating a hole in your wallet as well.

Then there is the problem you have of wanting a fun and exciting life of nice dinners out with friends and the ladies. Your need to frequent high-end night clubs and your addiction to imported micro-brewed beers are also playing a major role of thinning out your pocketbook!

And let’s not forget those long weekend trips to Vegas you seem to be pressured into by your friends that cost you thousands of dollars every so often. Yikes!!

Why Have a Side Business?

Over the past 20 years I have had a side business in conjunction with whatever day job I was working at the time.

This side business usually took the form of a commercial cleaning business, which generated an additional average yearly income of $10,000 to $30,000 gross to my day job income.

Why did I have this side business for quite a number of years?

Well, I live in Hawaii, Waikiki to be exact, and to live here costs a lot of money!

Here in Hawaii a gallon of milk can cost as much as $8, a gallon of gasoline is well above $4 and to buy an inexpensive one bedroom condo (600 sqr ft) in Honolulu proper you will need to shell out a minimum of $250k!!

Don’t even bother looking at a “nice” home to purchase unless you are ready to spend at least $700k!!! Yikes again.

So having a side business is very important if you plan on somehow being able to save for retirement as well as be able to enable yourself to move forward financially. If you just work your career day job you truly are limiting yourself financially!

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B0013FVDHU” locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”200″]Not only does having this side business help you financially it will give you peace of mind! Over the past twenty years I have had seven career positions with seven different companies here in Hawaii.

Five of these seven companies all closed their doors for various reasons. Being “jobless” was never a situation that would put me in significant financial hardship due to the fact I had my “side hustle” always in place.

Yes, the income from my career day job paid for most of my lifestyle; but my side business gave me the money to pay-off any debt, gave me money to invest and provided a sense of peace given the wacky economy all of us find ourselves in.

Also, this side business gave me the opportunity to have my wife, who is from Japan, stay home and raise our young daughter like a mom should; whereby most couples are forced to have their wives work and put their very young kids in preschool!

Types of Side Businesses.

In the past I have had a couple side businesses. As mentioned above I have a commercial cleaning business currently. I have also done medical recruiting, internet marketing and blogging.

The medical recruiting side hustle was a failure mostly due to the fact I was already spread way too thin at that particular time.

I was crazy to think I could carry this off without a hitch, but after three months I was frustrated and came close to making a placement with no actual monies being earned. During this three month time frame I was working my 8 to 5 “job”, had my cleaning business of 25 hours a week and now I was attempting to do medical recruiting?

What the hell was I thinking!!

Internet marketing was tried next. I had 27 websites that I pulled together via the WordPress platform, signed up as an Amazon affiliate and within 5 months I was pulling in an additional thousand dollars a month. That is until the algorithm update from Google, affectionately called “Panda” wiped out all of my rankings and my income disappeared. Bummer!!!

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”1452107203″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”200″]Blogging, which is another term for a web magazine, is this current long-term project I am working on, with the income being derived from ads placed on the site.

Right now the income is negligible to say the least, but this project is a long term affair that I plan to continue for an indefinite period of time… looking a several years into the future.

Part-time side businesses to start are numerous and can cover almost any type of business you can think of! If you enjoy writing get busy and write that first book and place on Amazon! I recently had three books on the Amazon KDP program myself.

How about you and your friends putting together a small sandwich shop? Or perhaps you could offer a side bookkeeping service? Play tennis? Offer evening and weekend tennis lessons.

Are you a fitness buff? Then get certified and start your side personal training business. The types of businesses you can start part-time and not impact your current day job are endless!! But, it is up to you to get off your ass and make it happen!

A Great Resource for You to Use!

How to Make More Money on the Side!For the past year I have been thinking about offering Job Search Coaching and am just starting to do some preliminary research on the subject.

Upon stumbling across an internet marketer’s podcast on the topic of “side hustle” I found myself very interested in what his guest had to offer. I quickly clicked the link offered in the podcast notes and came upon Nick Loper of!

I immediately listened to Nick’s very own podcast about “coaching as a side business” and got a lot of value within its content. I then went on to listen to the “blogging as a side business” episode and enjoyed this as much as the coaching episode!

Over the next couple of days I will listen to a few more of these podcast over at as these are gems of information that, at the very least, will get you motivated to pursue your side business to help you make more income!

It’s About Making More and Cutting Back as Well!

It is also to note that if you are willing to work an extra 20 to 30 hours a week on a side business then you need to also look at your spending habits.

After all, if you are attempting to make more money, the easiest way to start to get more disposable money to bank is to cut back on your expenses so you can have that little extra cash to help with your start-up expenses.

If you have a monthly budget of $3k then do whatever it takes to shrink your expenses down by 10%, thus enabling you an additional $300 to put into savings or use for your side business.

Whatever you do try your hardest to stay away from putting any start-up expenses for your new side business on a credit card! Debt will quickly sink your yet-to-be-built side business! Pay cash, establish a budget for yourself to accommodate your lifestyle, pull together a mini-business plan and start getting busy!

Closing Thoughts…

As I finish typing this quick article for my web magazine,, I am getting ready to do my daily cardio walk through Waikiki. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside with a nice tropical breeze.

I realize that as much as I work an awful lot I do have a very nice lifestyle, a lifestyle most would envy! And, this lifestyle is partially possible because of my side business and my commitment to myself and my family to provide for them.

So if you are that 30 year old guy who is in debt, freezing your ass off in Bangor, Maine, and struggling with a low paying day job… well, just remember that women, ATTRCTIVE WOMEN, prefer men who have money… and can make money!!

Now get busy with YOUR side business!

article: How to Make More Money on the Side!

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