How to Make Women Become Interested in You

How to Make Women Become Interested in YouThis is a common question many man ask and there is no real concrete answer. Of course there are ways of increasing your chances of having a girl take notice of you and become attracted to you. Let’s take a quick look at how this can be done.

Be the confident guy

Most men are shy and afraid of women. Don’t be one of them! Work on your confidence levels to a point where you are comfortable talking to just about anyone about anything. As you should know by now women are drawn to confident men who are self-assured and lead others.

The more action you take to gain new levels of confidence the more others will be attracted to you. Men will want to hang with you and women will want to be with you. It’s that simple!

Be above it all

You cannot… you must not… be the guy who waits for any woman to take notice of them.

You must become the guy who has a very full and interesting life with many friends, hobbies, athletic activities and career pursuits.

The busier you are the more appealing you will be to women.

The more unavailable you are the more “mysterious” you will seem to them.

It is this “mystery” that starts the whole attraction process.

You must become the guy who is above it all by having a very full and interesting life. Women are there but only as icing on the cake!

Women will notice you are a very active guy with friends and hobbies… and this will peak their interest.

Be very fit

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This goes without saying. If you are fat or even just out of shape women will not be interested.

The more fit you are the more physically appealing you will be. It’s fairly basic knowledge here.

Women love their men to have six pack abs, chiseled facial features and a body that looks like the guy can protect them if the need arises.

Hit the gym and get VERY fit. Just do it!

Have Social Proof

Get busy and become important to others around you. Become the person others can count on and respect. Work on your career; start that business; become a leader of others! Become the guy other men envy and women want to be with.

BUT, most important, be someone others want to be around and enjoy being with!

According to

“…the objective is to get others in your immediate environment to respond well to you. When others respond positively to you, you’re said to be creating a positive social proof effect.

Being the social creatures that we are, we place a large degree of psychological confidence in what others think. Thus the opinion of others is important in determining early attraction.”

In Closing

I believe we have answered the question of how to make women interested in you in a very complete and thorough manner here in this brief article. Now it is up to you to follow this advice and get busy living your life… because having a life will attract more women than anything else.

Get off the couch, turn off the video game and call your best friend and start planning your three month hiking trip through Asia! Women WILL notice!

Here’s an interesting video on the topic.  Enjoy the video!


article: How to Make Women Interested In You

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