How to meet Asian women today?

meet asian womenIf you are anything like me and you truly appreciate the beauty of an Asian girl, but lack the ability to meet this type of woman, then read on as we will answer the question of: How to meet Asian women?

In this very brief article I am going to list my top four ways of meeting Asian women that you can easily replicate from your own area. In case you do not know I have dated many(!) Asian women over the years and I am currently married to a beautiful woman from Japan.

Number one: Online dating sites geared for American men to meet women from the orient.

All you need to do is to Google “meet Japanese women” or “meet Chinese women” and you will have numerous dating sites that you can choose from based on the type of woman you are seeking.

Easy enough, right?

Number two: introduction services that are offered either in Honolulu, Hawaii or in their native countries are a fantastic way to be personally introduced to a large number of women who meet your specific criteria.

In Honolulu there are three or four introduction services for men to meet women from Japan. All of the services are geared for both the man and the woman to meet over a cup of coffee and to see what develops from there.

Keep in mind, women who join this service travel to Hawaii with the intention of meeting a man from America.

How to meet Asian women today?

Number three: this is probably the most fun of all of the five options if I am listing here! Travel to the country and stay for a prolonged holiday, or even stay long enough to teach English; thus enabling you to become immersed in the culture and to very easily meet a woman to have a long term relationship with.

Number four: join a group or class that specializes in the Asian culture or language; and from this group you should have little difficulty in connecting with a woman from that particular country.

If you take a college course, say in the Korean language, through this course you will be given resources to connect with people from that country to practice your language skills with. Fairly straight forward, right?

Hopefully this brief article answered your question of: How to meet Asian women? There are other options and actions to take to meet women from the orient, and in future articles we will explore those in more depth.

Good luck!

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