How to meet Dominican women?

meet dominican womenI just discovered how to meet Dominican women! Let me explain. For some reason I found myself talking to a guy at the airport the other day as I was taking an interisland flight to Kauai. He was a typical businessman going to Kauai to deal with some employee issues and he had his wife with him.

She, the wife, was from the Dominican Republic – and she was BEAUTIFUL and exotic!

When I say exotic I do mean EXOTIC! Being that I live in Hawaii exotic looking women are everywhere.

This woman from the Dominican Republic stood out from all the women around us as she was tall, sexy, exotic and, well… pretty, in a very unique way!

I couldn’t help myself as I was very curious as to how he met his wife – so I asked him! His reply:

“I lived in the Dominican Republic when I was a teenager and fell in love with the people! When I wanted to settle down and get married I knew it had to be with a woman from that country. So I used a specialized dating site that connects men with Dominican women.”

Boy does this sound familiar! As I met my wife through an introduction service I was curious as to what agency or website he used to connect with his wife. Before I could get an answer his flight was called and the conversation ended.

In my research I uncovered these three websites to meet Dominican women:

Number one:

Number two:

Number three:

Keep in mind I am not endorsing any of these websites as I have never used them nor have I ever contacted them. Translation: use at your own discretion.

So hopefully we have answered the question of: How to meet Dominican women? If you truly want to meet a lady from the Dominican Republic then now you have some good resources to start the process.

Good Luck!

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