How to meet older women?

meet older womenToday we answer the question of: How to meet older women? You may be somewhat surprised in that it does become much more difficult to meet a woman who is older than a woman who is younger. Having said that let’s explore this question more deeply.

I have had the opportunity to date older women several times during my dating years. Almost without exception I found that meeting them was easiest via the nightclub scene.

The reason this is the case is that most women who go to nightclubs, and if they are older, will be more predisposed to meeting and dating younger men.

Of course there are numerous websites that cater to older women seeking younger men. One such website is: These web sites are just like other dating websites in that you register to join, upload a picture and complete a personal profile.

The only difference is that you are there to meet older women – and the women are there to meet younger men.

Other places to meet older women to date are fairly basic: church, ballroom dancing (I did meet a very sexy, older Filipina through ballroom dancing classes!!), and facebook. Still, my favorite to meet sexy older women is the nightclub.

If I had to list by my top three answers to: How to meet older women? They would be:

Number one: night clubs

Number two: ballroom dancing classes

Number three: online dating sites

Having dated several older women I found them all to be exciting and fun to be with; but due to the age difference I found them not long term relationship material. And… I am sure they thought that of me as well.

How to meet older women?… I think you shouldn’t need to ask this question again.  Just take action. TODAY!

Now go and practice your dance moves!

Good luck!

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