How to meet women in prison?

meet women in prisonThere is no more a novel idea than wanting to meet women in prison! I have only met one guy who seemed very fixated on this type of woman and it just seemed to me like it was kind of a VERY strange way to connect with the opposite sex! So today we are going to answer the question: How to meet women in prison?

Well, having never done this and having no interest in doing this I cannot truly say what would be the best approach to meeting these women other than working in a prison or volunteering at a prison for women.

I also would be somewhat hesitant to date a women who is incarcerated only because I would suspect, being she is in prison, she may lack integrity and may have the propensity for a continued life of crime… but, maybe not!

If you truly want to meet women in prison I would suggest this website: It appears they have a large selection of women behind bars who are wanting to meet someone like you.

Keep in mind that just because they are in prison does not mean they are bad people. Perhaps drugs or hanging around the wrong type of people influenced their direction into to crime. It could be someone like you who could be that one person who steps into their lives and helps them get back into a normal life and provide an opportunity for a decent romantic relationship!

Meet women in prison? Maybe worth checking out if you are ok with this type of situation!

Good Luck!

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