How to Select a Well-fitting Sport Jacket

How to Select a Well-fitting Sport JacketThere comes a time in every man’s life where the need to purchase a very nice sport coat is a necessity to complement his wardrobe. Most times this will occur just before the graduation from college. There will be job interviews, social engagements and other man related activities that require the wearing of such a garment.

Where to Buy a Nice Sport Coat or Blazer?

I can still remember like it was yesterday when I needed to purchase yet another blue sport coat for my job.

Working as a general manager of a highly regarded retail establishment there was never a time I would be out on the sales floor without being properly dressed.

This blue sport coat that I was about to purchase early was my favorite piece of clothing to where as it really made me feel confident and classy whenever I put it on.

You can purchase a very nice, will-fitting sport coat just about anywhere.

For a great price, as well as a good selection of name brand coats, I would first recommend Macy’s department store. Here you can find an assortment of sport coats and blazers for any taste and style preference. Prices usually run from $100 up to $500.

Surprisingly I have found less expensive sport coats that fit well and looked great for under $100 at Sears! Because I often travel bringing the less expensive sport coat from Sears on these trips seemed to be the obvious choice in the unlikely event the jacket gets damaged during the trip.

If you are looking for even better priced sport jackets there are all of the men’s outlets scattered across the country offering such warehouse stores as the Burlington Coat Factory and the famous Men’s Warehouse.

What To Look For

When purchasing a sport coat you want to make sure that it fits correctly. For me this is somewhat a subjective process as every man has a different physique, trunk length and arm length. Below is a video that goes into some detail as to how to go about selecting a sport coat that will have you looking your best.

I must add that whenever I purchase a sport coat I often need to have the jacket tailored to a certain degree. Most times this will involve bringing in the trunk of the jacket so there is a tighter fit around my waist and chest. This is purely by own personal preference of which you may not share; but my preference none-the-less in how I like my jackets to fit and feel.

Whether you be purchasing a $60.00 sport coat from Sears or a $350 sport coat from Macy’s once you put these on you’ll find it changes your entire demeanor. It is hard not to feel more manly and classy all at the same time! Trust me on this.

A More Polished Look!

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B00DONCBDO” locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”200″]If you are wearing only jeans and t-shirts every day then purchasing a sport coat could be a new step up for you in regards to giving you a more polished look.

In today’s day and age fewer men are opting to wear sport jackets in lieu of more casual clothing. I think this is a big mistake as not only will society view you in lesser regard but so will the women you are trying to attract.

As an example: Two guys walk into a sports bar to watch the game. Both are of equal physical appeal but one is dressed in a baseball hat, wrinkled flannel shirt and faded dirty jeans.

The other man comes wearing nice casual shoes, khaki pants, nice button down dress shirt and a inexpensive blue sport coat. Who do you think a woman would choose between these two?

The guy wearing the sport jacket looks more classy, confident and successful. He gives off the appearance of having his shit together. The other guy, well… he just blends in with all of the other guys who are dressed the same way, and more likely than not, will be totally ignored by the ladies.

Something to think about!

Here is the video on how to select a well-fitting sport coat or blazer. Enjoy the video!


article: How to Select a Well-fitting Sport Jacket

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