How to start a conversation with a girl?

How to start a conversation with a girlIf I could get paid a quarter for every time a guy, especial a young guy, asks me: “How to start a conversation with a girl?” I think I would be wealthy beyond belief at this point. Let me tell you about Ted, the one guy who demonstrated exactly what it takes to approach women.

Being a young guy of 16 (many, many years ago) I had this friend, more of an acquaintance really, by the name of Ted.

This guy Ted was an easy going, sloppy looking jokester type of guy. He was very average looking and even a little overweight.

The one thing that Ted had an advantage over all us guys who hung out with him was that he could walk up to ANY girl, or older women (even if in their 30’s), and start a conversation with them… which usually ended up with them as a couple.

When we all asked Ted what his secret was for having the courage to speak to women so easily. He had these very profound words to offer us:

Just don’t give a shit!… Really, don’t give a shit! All I do is look at them like they are 75 years old… you know, like my grandma… and that takes away the anxiety and nervousness for me.

Then I don’t try to pick them up or hit on them, I just talk to them… like they are my… grandma. It’s just an easy conversation I am having with an old lady… that’s how I treat it. If I looked at the reality of the situation, with the girl being young and very sexy I would get too nervous and never talk to her…

So, I just look at them like they are old women… which lets me be at ease… and not give a shit!

How to start a conversation with a girl? According to Ted… look at all the beautiful women you want to approach like they are old women! I have used this “technique” many times and it really did help with curtailing the anxiety associated with approaching women.

Give it a try!

Here’s a video from YouTube that gives a different perspective to the question of: How to start a conversation with a girl.


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