How to Survive a Breakup!

How to Survive a BreakupI have dated a lot of women over the years, which also means that I have dealt with many breakups! I am from the old school of once a relationship is over… it is over! Today we answer the question: How to survive a breakup?

Much to my delight I have done the vast majority of breaking-up versus getting dumped by the girl.

However the few times I did get dumped the emotional pain it caused was very significant and often left me very much on my left foot for weeks at a time.

Surviving a breakup entails dealing with the feelings of “loss“. When you lose someone important to you, especially if they reject you it can be very emotionally crippling!

My thoughts are that “TIME” will eventually cure the broken heart… and it usually does! When looking back at all the hurtful breakups I encountered it would take me about three months to be back to fairly normal!

Here’s a kind of funny video on the topic. Enjoy the video!


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