I still love my wife but she wants a divorce!

I still love my wife but she wants a divorce!How many of you guys out there are in a marriage that is difficult and often plagued with tension and mistrust? Are you one of these guys who frequently states: I still love my wife but she wants a divorce? Then keep reading!

Let’s face it, you are in a tough situation and there is very little you can do about it. If your wife has fallen out of love with you and no longer wants to continue with the marriage you have few options. Sure, you can keep trying to convince her to stay in the marriage but at what cost to both your and her sanity?! Or, you can just let her go and hope someday she will revisit her marital commitment to you.


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The wise individual will select the second option. By letting go and letting her do what she has to do… even divorce you… you will hopefully have an opportunity at some point in the future to rekindle the romance that was once there. However, if you desire to hold her within the commitment of the marriage, despite her being unhappy and seeking a divorce, you will only push her further away from you emotionally.

By letting go you will enable yourself as well to move on and eventually become “whole” again. If it is a divorce she seeks then by all means let her pursue it. Once you both are physically apart that is the time to focus on yourself and become the man you truly want to be. You will be surprised that time alone and away from your now soon-to-be ex-wife could be the best years of your life – that is, if you truly allow them to be.

Our happiness is not defined by someone else being part of your life. It is defined by your behaviors, your goals and your achievements. Other people in your life, even your wife and kids, do not define who you are as a man. Only you define yourself and create your own happiness and sense of well-being.


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Here is a video from YouTube that discusses the same topic but yet from a female perspective. We hope you enjoy the video!

Article: I still love my wife but she wants a divorce!

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