Instead of becoming a Pick Up Artist… become a Man!

pick up artistWhy not Instead of becoming a pick-up-artist… become a Man!  Why?  Whenever I come across one of these Pick-up-artist books, programs or websites I just have to laugh.

Seriously, what guy makes it a prime part of his life to be focusing on being a pick-up-artist (PUA) instead of focusing on other aspects of his life!

My thoughts on this whole Pick Up Artist scene is the basic information offered is useful; and if you would rather be the guy performing little magic tricks to get a woman’s attention or being somewhat dishonest about your career or background to garner the attention of a woman then, please, knock yourself out!

The approach I have to meet women is quite straight forward, really enhances your lifestyle and there is no silliness involved. In fact, you never exaggerate who you are or the money you make… and you never wear a funny hat!

What I feel is the best way to meet and date women is the approach of becoming a better MAN. Build your self-confidence, improve your appearance, get extremely fit and become the guy women are truly attracted to!

Becoming a Pick Up Artist is great if you are 20 and have no career, live in your parent’s basement and have nothing going on in your life.

But if you are building a business, building a chiseled physique, contribute to your family and community and have the confidence to approach any woman, well, more likely than not, you will not need to become a PUA – as women will be approaching you!

Instead of becoming a pick-up-artist… become a Man!

Don’t take my message wrong, for some men the idea of becoming a PUA is appealing, and I think because they are just not yet the confident men they truly want to be… not yet, anyways.

But once they start to move forward in their lives they will quickly see that it is the process of becoming a man, a confident, successful man… that’s when women really start to take notice of them and what they have to offer!

Here a video on becoming a Pick Up Artist. Enjoy the video!


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