Interesting Take on the Older Man Younger Woman Relationship!

Older Man Younger Woman RelationshipHere is an Interesting Take on the Older Man Younger Woman Relationship! My wife and I are sitting in the food court of a large, upscale mall here in Hawaii when she spots a friend from Tokyo walking through the food court with a much younger, and may I add, very sexy lady in tow.

Looks like your typical older man younger woman relationship! This gentleman must have been about sixty, maybe sixty two years old, my wife tells me. His very attractive female companion- maybe…. twenty five!

My wife flags the couple down and they join us for a quick beer and I could not help myself from asking this gentleman just how he and his girlfriend meet. Long story short, this much older man is a very successful business owner who happens to be married… but not to this younger woman!

This younger woman, being all of about twenty five, was stunning! She was Japanese with straight jet black hair to her mid back, dark tan, 5’6” tall, very exotic looking and had killer legs!

I was in envy that a guy that age could attract and spend time with this caliber of woman! This looked to be a Older Man Younger Woman Relationship that I would be very interested in pursuing if I should ever get to that age!

With my wife translating the conversation, as I do not speak Japanese, the conversation ensued and much to my surprise the young goddess was not even his girlfriend! She was, in fact, a woman who offered her services to wealthy men to “go on dates” with them.

And over a period of time these “compensated dates” lead for these two to fall in love and thus take this trip to Hawaii together.

“Compensated dates” are fairly normal in Japan as their family marital relationships are somewhat different than what we are accustomed to here in the West.

Not getting the emotional attention from his wife back in Tokyo he responded to an ad this younger woman placed on the internet looking for men who would pay for the time they would spend together, which may or may not include sex.

Interesting Take on the Older Man Younger Woman Relationship!

After numerous dates together, with he paying for her time, a relationship bloomed and now they are a couple… sort of. He is no longer paying for her “time”.

Of course you are thinking he is wealthy, that’s why she is wanting to be with him. You are partially correct! But this man is not your typical 60 year old. He does not look old and feeble!

In fact I would say he looks to be around 45 years old, is a total fitness nut and is your typical alpha male… albeit a Japanese alpha male. Confidence and style just exudes from the guy, seriously!

So if you are over the age of 45 you do have the possibility to meet and attract much younger women! The first step is to stop being fat, boring and lacking of charisma! Make the necessary changes and you too can be with sexy younger woman!

No go and make it happen! Maybe a sexy young thing will want an Older Man Younger Woman Relationship with you!

Here’s a video showing just how sexy Japanese women can be.  Enjoy!


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