Internet Dating Tips for Men

Internet Dating Tips for MenAt some point during your process of finding attractive women to date you will need to look into online dating sites. So today we are going to provide internet dating tips that we think you will find very useful so you don’t make any costly mistakes!

ONE:   Create an engaging profile.   This is a no brainer! But you will be surprised by just how many guys barely write anything about themselves. Worse yet, some guys will write too much and “exaggerate” who they are in an attempt to come across more appealing than the next guy.

The trick here is to be yourself, and more important, to be the guy who is fun, interesting, confident, successful and appealing.

There is nothing worse than telling a woman you are xyz when in fact you are ABC.

So make sure you are moving your life forward in all areas of your life and that when you do meet women you have been completely honest in your profile.

For example don’t be a gas station attendant and say in your profile you are a lawyer.

But, if in fact you are a gas station attendant and going to law school that would be exactly what a woman will want to read in your profile. This shows to her you are moving in a success driven direction… and that’s what she is looking for!

TWO:   Include photos that look good.    If possible go out and get a professional photo taken of yourself. Select a couple form the batch you got made to be uploaded to your profile of different poses etc..

Then with a friend, take pictures of you doing things, preferably athletic things. Women like men who are outgoing, athletic and fit. Show these women viewing your profile you are a fun, fit and exciting guy… through these pictures!

THREE:   Pre-Draft your initial “outreach email”!    There’s nothing more tedious and boring than selecting a number of women to send an initial introduction email to. Some guys will draft a unique email for each lady, and by the time they send out their fourth email they start to lose interest in the process! Very understandable!

What you should do is draft two paragraphs about who you are, what you do in your daily life and a little about how you are different from other guys. Then for each lady custom a brief opening paragraph and closing paragraph, so in all you have a fairly robust and informative email that she receives from you!

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”1453602151″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”200″]FOUR:   It’s a numbers Game.   That’s right, it is a numbers game! The more women you send introduction emails to the better chances you have of a couple responding that may be of genuine interest to you.

Whatever you do don’t just send one or two emails to a couple ladies and think you will find the love of your life.

Why? If these ladies are attractive she will be getting many emails every day from many different guys, resulting in her having her pick of highly appealing men. Better your odds by sending out many introduction emails to see what comes of the effort!

FIVE:   Sign up with Multiple sites.   Don’t just sign up with and think you will have all your bases covered. Do some research and sign up with four or five online dating sites.

For example: perhaps look at, e-Harmony and Then expand your horizons a little and sign up with one or two international dating sites to meet women who are Latin or Asian!

Going this route will get you in front of many different ladies which will only result in a very robust dating life!! Trust me on this!

In Closing…

These internet dating tips for men are fairly basic, but they work. So many guys give up after a couple of months with one dating site, usually very discouraged because they did not follow the advice above. You will be different and will cast a large net which will result in you having the girl of your dreams in no time!


article: Internet Dating Tips for Men

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