Is Being too Arrogant Holding You Back from Getting Laid?

Is Being too Arrogant Holding You Back from Getting LaidI know of a guy who was once a good friend and is now just a mere stranger I occasionally see at the gym. I made to conscious decision to put that particular friendship on the backburner as I found this guy’s personality to be too difficult to want to be around.

You see, he was arrogant and just too self-important for my taste… resulting in the decision I made concerning our friendship.

What is interesting is that in being friends with this guy for over 20 years I got to know his “one” girlfriend quite well. She dumped him for the very same reason I ended the friendship.

Arrogance will kill friendships quicker than a drop of water hits the floor… and it makes you fairly un-dateable!

We all have people in our lives who are very self-important, right! Let me ask you this:

How often do you truly want to spend time with them?

Does their overly conceited personality attract you or repel you?

Like with my friend from above this personality style repels women. The attraction is nullified as the woman will only see a man who is overly concerned for himself and not the potential relationship with her.

My friend had only ONE girlfriend in over 10 years, and that relationship lasted two of those ten years.

His arrogance greatly influenced his interactions with women to the point few, if any women ever paid any attention to him.

Is being too Arrogant Holding you back from Getting Laid?

Last I heard he was still single, not having a date with any women for years and getting too old to be of interest to the truly beautiful women with whom he truly would like to be with.

Being overly self-important and arrogant will kill your sex life as well as your social life. If you have been told you are a conceited guy take the comment to heart and try to change your personality before it’s too late!

Here’s an interesting video on being “self-important”. Enjoy the video!


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