Is Fear and Insecurity a Problem for You?

Is Fear and Insecurity a Problem for YouLife is a funny thing. Either it controls you or you control it. Today we are going to discuss briefly how to overcome fear and insecurity. Why? Simple answer: your ability to be a man of substance and of interest to women will be determined by how you overcome fear and insecurity!

That’s correct.  If you do not control your fears in life women will notice and will not be attracted to you!  They will label you a beta male!

What it is Costing You

If you are letting fear and insecurity control your life what exactly are you missing out on? That is a fair question to ask as most of us experience a great deal of anxiety throughout life whenever we encounter situations or dynamics that we are not familiar with and have little control over.

An obvious example of fear and insecurity which brings on anxiety is public speaking. Most people would prefer to be run over by a truck than get up in front of a group of people and speak for 30 minutes.

Just think for 1 minute: if you could greatly reduce those incredible feelings of anxiety, caused by insecurity and fear…

…how much more comfortable you would be whenever called upon to speak in front of others.

Very likely your career would be much further up the “food chain” than it is today.

Most people who have great skills and comfort with public speaking usually find that their careers are accelerated above those who hide from the speaking podium.

If it is hurting your career then most certainly it is hurting your life. Think of all of the activities you would love to do but somehow your internal anxiety gets in the way and you put your interests and desires on the shelf as a result.

Fear and insecurity will greatly hold you back in having a high quality, interesting life!

Face Your Fears Head on!

There are no shortcuts to conquering your internal demons. Fear, insecurity and anxiety are best dealt with by confronting them head on. If you fail to deal with these issues that cause these emotional setbacks you’ll never be able to move forward in your life.

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My recommendation is to start setting small but challenging goals for yourself that you know may cause some minor anxiety in the performing of the action steps in accomplishing these small goals.

As you move forward and work through these anxiety provoking action steps on your way to reaching your stated goal you will start to feel more confident, self-assured and empowered!

Once you have accomplished your small goal from above set another goal but make it a little larger in magnitude and work through the steps of accomplishing that goal.

Once you have that goal behind you and you feel even better about “who you are” take note of how your fear and insecurity are starting to slowly dissipate!

Next, do it again! Set another goal that you know may create some anxiety in the performing of the action steps required to accomplish said goal. Make this goal even more significant than the previous two.

Watch your confidence soar! Watch how you start to interact with others with more confidence and purpose! Recognize you are starting to become a new person.

The Results Will Come

The more you set goals that require you to step out of your comfort zone the more you will become the man you seek to be. You may start with a small goal that has little impact on your life but eventually when you get to the larger goals that really challenge your internal psyche you’ll see a huge difference in who you are and how you handle yourself.

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I challenge you to put pen to paper and list out 10 goals that you truly want to achieve over the next 90 day period. List them by order of “anxiety”.

Put the least anxiety provoking goal at the top with the larger anxiety provoking goals at the bottom.

Now start working on your very first goal and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Do that for all of your goals and by the time you finish with your last and most anxiety provoking goal you’ll find that you are a changed person!

Do this and you’ll see that your insecurity and fear will no longer control your life!

Here’s a video that covers this topic in detail and provides another approach that you may find very interesting!

Enjoy the video!


Is Fear and Insecurity a Problem for You?

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