Is personality more important than looks?

Is personality more important than looksFor us guys the question of  “Is personality more important than looks?”  often is a topic of conversation. After all, men are always attracted to looks of a sexy female long before we are aware of their personality and intellectual capabilities!

The average male is a visual creature. We first see certain parts of the female anatomy as critical indicators for attraction.

I know for my self I look at skin tone, the face and legs as my personal criteria for attraction.

Of course the sad truth in today’s world is that many once attractive women are becoming overweight.

So I do find myself seeing fewer and fewer women with whom I would normally be attracted to. Bummer!

To answer the question of “Is personality more important than looks?” it would be wise to consider the age of the man as age will greatly influence his answer.

16 to 30 year old group.

For a very young man being between the ages of 16 and 30, by far looks are the most important factor in selecting a girl to spend time with. The reason for this comes down to several reasons.

ONE: The sheer numbers of very appealing younger women is fairly easy to understand as one reason.

TWO: The fact younger men are peaking at testosterone production is yet another reason.

THREE: Lastly, the need to be selecting the most attractive girl possible provides social proof to their friends and competing males!

30 to 45 year old group.

This age group of men tend to be more focused on settling down and starting families.

The women still need to be very appealing; but other factors start to factor in, such as the health of the woman, woman’s desire to be a financial partner and compatibility in regards to the ability to get along and become a long-term couple.

45 to 65 year old age group.

For men in this older age category the selection of available, attractive women sadly becomes much slimmer. Most women over the age of 45 are less appealing, have baggage in the form of an ex-husband/kids floating around and may have financial wows in their history.

Women over the age of 50 all seem to be dumpy and overweight… which is very unappealing to the average man. As one of my friends declared on this very topic (and why he only dates younger women!):

“The problem with 50 year old women is… they are 50 year old women!!”

However, this is where, thankfully, the average man starts to produce less testosterone, thus lowering his libido and sense of urgency to be with a more attractive woman!

This results in a shift from seeing “looks” as being the most important factor in selecting a mate to “personality” and compatibility.

This might also answer the question of why many older men opt to not have a girlfriend if they are single in this age category…

…as the women their age are not appealing and the appealing younger women only are attracted to younger men.

In conclusion

The question of “Is personality more important than looks?” really depends on the age of the man! Of course if the older man has a sizeable wallet the above results may look a little different! (Think Hugh Hefner)

Here’s a video on another guys take on looks vs. personality.  Enjoy the video!


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