Is the fear of rejection holding you back?

fear of rejectionLet me ask you a question: Is the fear of rejection holding you back? Is your lack of self-confidence becoming a road block to your success with women? Is there one woman in particular that you are very attracted to but become paralyzed with fear at the thought of approaching her?

For about 70% of all men the fear of rejection can be a crippling problem when it comes to dating the women they truly are attracted to. For these men even just the thought of walking up and talking to a woman creates a great deal of anxiety and stress.

However, you feel you are the “complete package” that women would find attractive enough to want to spend time with in a romantic way; and you also realize that it is this fear of rejection that is holding you back from approaching these women.

If this is truly the case then you must realize that you are about 90% of the way to being a success with women. Really!

If it is truly just this over whelming feeling of anxiety when approaching a woman then it becomes a quite easy task to develop social confidence to enable you to approach and dialogue with attractive women almost anywhere.

How?… You may ask! Very simply all one needs to do is to work on confidence building techniques as well as social interaction methods to greatly improve your ability to initiate interaction with the desired women of your choice.

Is the fear of rejection holding YOU back?

If you are looking to build confidence, which is the first building block of personal self-esteem then you must read this post which will give you the necessary steps to greatly improve your feelings of inner self-worth.

Once you have gained more self-confidence the next step is to work on your social interaction skills which we will cover in more detail in a future post.

Here is a video that discusses the fear of rejection! Enjoy the video.


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