Japanese women are so beautiful!

Japanese women are so beautifulJust have come back from the beach here in Waikiki and could not help but notice that Japanese women are so beautiful!!… especially when compared against their European counterparts.

Case in point: sitting just 10 feet away from me were two young couples from Germany. These four people certainly were not older than the age of 30, probably more like 25. Yet, the men were somewhat chunky to the point of being overweight. Their women, are also big boned and probably 20 to 40 pounds overweight.


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Needless to say: not very appealing to look at despite their young age. It seems that many young people in today’s day and age are overweight. The two German women sitting close by on the beach could have a chance to be somewhat attractive… but this would require them to lose some weight, get fit and also get a tan. They are oversized bodies in combination with very pale white skin made them look incredibly unappealing to the average male.

beautiful japanese women on waikiki beachOther women on the beach were not all that different. These women were all various ages and sizes. Because it is Waikiki beach most of the beachgoers are from the mainland, or the United States. All the women were either overweight or to the point of being obese.

Needless to say, if I were to be looking for an attractive lady on the beach today I would be very hard pressed to find one that I found truly very attractive.

Conversely, sitting down closer to the water’s edge were three young Japanese women. These three women were just about the same age as the German women – but so much more physically appealing. They each had golden brown skin from spending time at the beach; they were all thin and somewhat fit looking and had beautiful dark brown to dark jet black hair cascading down their very lovely backs.

Japanese women are so beautiful! You would be hard pressed to find an obese Japanese woman – anywhere! These three Japanese women were all wearing skimpy bikinis and I could tell all the men on the beach were staring at them. Not the case with the German women. I could tell that the German women’s boyfriends were stealing glances at three sexy Japanese women down by the water’s edge.


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Just an observation I want to share today. If you truly want to date an Asian woman then get busy and find a way to get out there and meet them so you can get to know them much better. As someone who dated exclusively women from Japan, China, the Philippines and Korea – Caucasian women certainly cannot compete!

Article: Japanese women are so beautiful!

picture courtesy of Takmeomeo Pixabay

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