Japanese women don’t get fat!

Japanese women don’t get fat!I bumped into one of my ex-girlfriends this past weekend and it was a pleasure to see her. We dated like 25 years ago when I first arrived here in Hawaii; and we had one hell of a roller-coaster ride of a relationship.

At the time she was a 24 year old cosmetics salesperson who did swimsuit modeling as a side gig. Did I mention she was also Japanese, and only resided here in Honolulu for about six months before I met her.

Twenty plus years later she still looks the same!! Very beautiful, exotic and… very thin & fit!

Now, keep in mind this woman is in her late forties now and she looks better than most Caucasian women in their 20’s.

How can this be?… you may be asking.

If you have ever spent any time in Japan you will rarely ever see a fat person, unless they are a sumo wrestler in training.

The traditional Japanese diet is the reason for this as the portions are small, very small and the focus of the food that is served surrounds rice, vegetables, pickled vegetables and very small portions of protein.

Now contrast that with the typical American diet of large portions of meat, extra carbohydrates and soda. With nearly sixty percent of Americans overweight and close to 30% closing in at being obese one can see why Japanese women are viewed as being thin.

My very beautiful Japanese wife will be celebrating her 45th birthday this month and she still looks great in a bikini! She truly looks beautiful in a traditional Hawaiian Muumuu when she dresses for a special occasion. When I see Caucasian women her age I shudder (as most look like crap and are overweight) and am very grateful I married a petite and sexy Asian girl, let me tell you!

If you want to meet and date women from Japan here are three top websites that cater to western men wanting to meet these very beautiful women.

  1. JapaneseFriendFinder.com
  2. JapanCupid.com
  3. SoulMatesJapan.com

Keep in mind, not only are Japanese women always slim they also will outlive most other women as they live longer lives on average than the average western woman. Again this is attributed to their diet!


article: Japanese women don’t get fat!

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