How to Know If Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants You Back

How to Know If Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants You BackGirls can be very difficult to understand. And to many guys even very obvious signs that your ex-girlfriend likes you may not register. So how do you tell if she still isn’t over you? Read on to find out.

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How to Know If Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants You Back!

Very often, women realize that they want someone only after they lose the person.

This then turns into an obsession with the guy which usually has very tell-tale signs.


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Some girls will go straight to the point of asking the guy out again, while some are more subtle.

For example, don’t be surprised if she calls you more often after the relationship is over than while it was on.  This means that she is trying to make an effort to stay in touch.

Another pretty obvious sign is when she is absolutely not interested in anyone else. Though this could also happen if she is busy with work, at home, whatever, a lot of women like having that one special someone and it is likely that she still thinks of you at that person.

This is usually coupled with her trying to plan stuff which involves you, or starts changing her schedule to coincide with yours (joining the same gym, turning up at the pub you spend time at, meeting your friends).

She will often also try to help you out with small stuff like accompanying you for your grocery shopping or offering to drop you off at work.

How to Know If Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants You BackThe female sex has a very strong emotional side to them. This means that when they want someone (or someone back in this case), they try to appeal to the guy’s emotional side. Does she still call you by those silly nicknames which she came up with while you were together?

When a girl is over you, that’s one of the first things she would stop doing. And when she starts talking about how her family, friends and even pets miss you, she’s probably hoping that you pick up on the hint that she misses you too.

And remember how she never wanted your advice when you’ll were together? Well, the next time something in her house is not working properly, you will be the first one she calls. And it doesn’t stop at that.

You will now be her advice guru in all matters important. Some, of course, may try to play mind games. This often includes telling you details about her life like how some guy at work likes her but how she isn’t interested. This is usually in the hope that you will get jealous and want her back, and it often works too!

So if your ex was subtle, you need to keep a look out for the small signs which shows she wants you back. And then for those guys who don’t like racking their brains trying to understand what your ex thinks, sometimes, you may be lucky enough to find someone who doesn’t beat around the bush.


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But even then, there are a few things which make it very obvious that she is still into you. Calling late at night and hoping that you will talk till the sun comes up is one of them. These conversations usually get very ‘deep’ and include stuff like how your relationship was so great and she wishes she could turn back time.

Some of them will apologize for stuff they did and said and hint at how they wish they could make it up to you. And then there are also those who will call at 2 a.m. crying and telling you how they miss you and how life was so good when you were together.

So try to read the signs at the early stages post your break-up. If you want her back, don’t wait for too long or she will give up and move on and then you will be the one unhappy.

But if you definitely aren’t interested in getting back with her, remember to let her down easy so that she can keep her self-respect and move on with her life.

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article: How to Know If Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants You Back

updated: June 7, 2016


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