Lifts for Men’s Shoes – Should You Wear Them?

Lifts for Men’s Shoes – Should You Wear ThemDo you ever wish you were about 3 inches taller? I certainly have, and actually did something about it at one time. What I did was to go online and purchase a pair of height increasing shoes. That’s right! Height increasing shoes, also known as “lifts”.

We all know that women really find tall man to be the most attractive. While I have not any problems over the years attracting very beautiful women, my height, I felt, was always a problem. Keep in mind while some of you reading this very blog post may be 6 feet or taller I am on somewhat the short side: 5 feet 9 inches tall. That’s it.

I am on the Short Side!

elevator shoesI am a very fit and “in shape” guy. Despite that I have always felt somewhat insecure about my height.

Whenever I stand against someone who is 6’ 2” or taller I am incredibly short in comparison.

One day when my wife was not looking I went online and purchased a pair of shoes that had the ability to increase my height by as much as two solid inches.

This meant that when wearing the shoes I would go from 5’ 9” tall to an incredible 5’ 11” inches tall! Wow!!

Lifts – My Solution??

So I go online to purchase theses shoes and wait three weeks for delivery. When they arrived at my office I immediately open up the box, kick off my old tennis shoes and put on these shoes that will make me that much more appealing by adding two inches.

Now I was 5 feet 11 inches tall!!! I know because… I had my assistant measure me. I felt taller and I felt a little bit more confident than just one minute prior. I was sure that women would notice me just because I was now 2 inches taller.

So upon putting these shoes on my feet I go for a short walk to the local grocery store. This is about a 10 minute walk from my office on a flat surface. Upon 2 minutes into the walk by feet start to ache. After six minutes my feet are truly killing me.

As I transition from traditional shoes that are flat to these height increasing shoes that now seem to be high heeled shoes much like women wear I now start to better understand what women go through every day!

It’s Painful to Be Taller!!

By the time I made it to the grocery store, did my shopping, and made it back to my office I could not wait to get these shoes off of my feet! Buying shoes online does not give you the opportunity to see if the shoes fit your feet correctly or are comfortable while you walk or run.

Then you must add in the fact that the shoes are nothing more than high heeled shoes disguised as fancy tennis shoes. I think you know where I’m going with this.

All those pictures of Tom Cruise and Sly Stallone wearing height enhancing shoes and looking comfortable and confident went out the window for me.

Upon arriving back to my office I immediately put these new shoes back into the box they came in and placed them on a shelf never to be worn again.

Perhaps if there was a store that I could physically visit and try on the shoes prior to purchasing I would have better luck; but buying shoes online where you do not have the luxury of test driving the unit, you are left with chancing whether the shoe will fit or not.

And as of Today?

Do I wear them at all at this point? No. However, if I were 5 feet 6 inches tall or less, I would make a very concerted effort to make these shoes work for me. After all, who wants to be short?!

If you are height challenged and you want grow a few inches by wearing specialty shoes then I would recommend giving this a try. However, be very prepared for an uncomfortable experience as the shoes are not geared towards comfort, but for adding height to your frame.

Good luck!

article: Lifts for Men’s Shoes – Should You Wear Them?

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