Do you like Japanese women?

Do you like Japanese womenI can still remember the first time I saw a woman from Japan. I was all of 15 years old and lived in Boston. She was a vacationer who was staying at the same hotel where I worked a part-time job doing odd jobs while in High School. She was in her early thirties and flawless in how she looked. Exotic, sexy, childlike and so, so… beautiful!

We exchanged pleasantries for about 2 minutes and off she went.

I only saw her one more time after that when she was checking out of the hotel and that was it.

For quite some time I found Caucasian women not nearly as beautiful and stimulating as this one Japanese woman whom I only had a few brief moments saying hello to.

Do you like Japanese women?

Have you spent any time around these beautiful creatures and enjoyed their very unique personalities?

Ever had the chance to have a relationship with a beautiful woman from Kyoto? Or a woman from cosmopolitan Tokyo? I have… many times.

I can tell you that once you do you will never want to date another woman than those from Japan!! All other woman will be a disappointment and will not measure up as far as beauty is concerned.

If you want to meet and date Japanese women I would suggest trying this particular website ( ) to start the ball rolling. Other than taking a trip to Tokyo, or Honolulu, this is the only true fire way to meet a woman from Japan!


article: Do you like Japanese women?

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